Swamp Dweller, Marco Rubio Won’t Call on Friend Acosta to Resign

As Jefferey Epstein faces new Federal charges of sex trafficking underage girls in New York, Trump’s Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta is facing renewed criticism over his handling of Epstein’s case in Florida in 2008 – but Marco Rubio won’t call on his friend, who he called “a brilliant legal mind,” to resign.

Rubio’s longtime friend Acosta helped Epstein secure a plea deal that kept him out of federal prison and prevented a further FBI probe in Florida – despite evidence he committed crimes that should have sent him to “prison for life”. While Acosta faces renewed calls for his resignation – Rubio has stood by Acosta – and over the past year has been one of his biggest cheerleaders and defenders in the Senate.

FDP Executive Director Juan Peñalosa released the following statement calling for Acosta’s Resignation:

“Alexander Acosta orchestrated the deal of the century for a sexual predator and it disqualifies him to lead the Department of Labor. While America may not have known the full details of Acosta’s role in letting a child predator and accused sex trafficker go free, the Trump administration and Marco Rubio likely did. Acosta should never have been confirmed to the position, but Acosta was a Miami and DC swamp dweller and Acosta’s confirmation, and his support by Marco Rubio and Donald Trump, is more evidence that swamp relationships are more important than doing the right thing. Marco Rubio should stand up for the victims of sexual assault and call on Acosta to resign.”


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