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‘Blue,’ ‘The Runaway,’ ‘Actor for Hire,’ ‘Concealed’ Among Winners at 2015 Orlando Film Festival

ORLANDO, FL (FNN News) – Independent film is not as glamorous as Hollywood; its plethora of challenges range from lacking capital to the point of a filmmaker spending his last dime to the dread of a lackluster screening thanks to low audience attendance, resulting from scanty marketing. Indie filmmakers relentlessly labor and use whatever resources…

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2015 Florida Film Festival: Jordan Davis Documentary ‘3 1/2 Minutes’ Clears the Case’s Muddy Waters [Review]

by Mellissa Thomas Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Walter L. Scott, Jordan Davis—these young men’s names are forever etched in the American consciousness for their unjust deaths by police officers’ hands. However, while the public could only ever assess each case based on what the news media released and was at the mercy of…

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