VIDEO: The Lincoln Project Releases New Ad “ROADMAP” to Target 2022 Republican Candidates

WASHINGTON (FNN) – Today, The Lincoln Project released “Roadmap,” a new ad outlining the organization’s mission for 2022.

“Republican leaders have turned their backs on America — putting power and ambition above service. They’ve spent this year implementing an authoritarian political agenda in an effort to subvert democracy in 2022 and 2024,” said Lincoln Project co-founder Reed Galen.

“The Lincoln Project’s mission heading into 2022 is simple and direct: Defeat the Republican Party and their candidates in key states and Congressional districts. There is no path forward for today’s GOP — there is no way out of the dark wilderness they’ve created. This is not a fight between right and left, or conservative and liberal. It is a fight for the future of America and preserving the chance to create her best future.”

The full ad can be viewed here.



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