[WATCH] Judge Victoria Pratt Talks Procedural Justice and MLK in Exclusive Interview

WINTER PARK, Fla. (FNN NEWS) – Social justice activist and global speaker Judge Victoria Pratt, fresh from her trip to Dubai, stopped in Winter Park to speak at Rollins College’s annual MLK Vigil, whose theme was “Stay Woke.”

Judge Pratt believes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fully embodied procedural justice–the concept that proffers that people who the criminal justice system treats fairly and with respect will not only be more compliant with court orders, but they will also be more compliant with the law. Judge Pratt has been on a mission to change the world and realized that she could most effectively do it in a scalable way by changing the community from the bench.

Once she left the Newark, New Jersey municipal court system, she became a professor at Rutgers Law School, and is currently a global speaker, offering powerful examples of her experiences during her tenure as judge as poignant proof that respect is contagious and can cause a positive life-changing ripple effect in any community.


Mellissa Thomas is Editor for Florida National News. |

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