Wendy on Wednesday: 5 Steps for Having a Positive On-Camera Presence

Wendy on Wednesdays: Florida National News column by image expert Wendy Lyn Phillips.

If you want to look your best in video and pictures, you’re not the only one! I get asked a lot about this topic–so much so that it prompted me to create a new program I’ve been developing for quite some time. I’m excited to bring you the Wendy Lyn Unlimited MEDIAGENIC™ program.

Being Mediagenic™ is just like being photogenic, but on video and in the media.

Whether you’re a business person, a retired person or a younger person, you’ve probably had your picture taken more in the last year than most people did in their entire lives during the 1900’s. With everyone having an Android, flip- or iPhone these days, using filters, changing the background, colors and even adding cute cartoon-like effects, anyone can click away with new pieces of art ready to proudly display in moments. Now, if you have a business, idea or event to promote, you really should be using video to do so. Not doing these five Mediagenic™ things will put you in the amateur category and you’ll risk losing business.

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Questions I Often Get Asked…

Q: It’s September but doesn’t feel like fall, can I still wear flip flops?
A: Yes, if you’re boating, by the lake, beach or poolside.

Q: How do you dress to look #Fallish when it’s so warm outside?
A: Try pairing sun dresses with bolero jackets, swing sweaters or a duster coat and add a low ankle bootie shoe. For men; jeans, a Tee and a sports jacket is a great summer-to-fall transition look.


image011Wendy Lyn Phillips is an image and branding expert that has coached thousands on the value of having a compelling presence and using that to create more open door opportunities both personally and professionally for the last 25 years. She is the author of the best-selling book, Naked to Knockout Beauty from the Inside Out and has worked in media as a guest, a host and producer. You can connect with her at

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