Wendy on Wednesday: Become a Visible Authority

Wendy on Wednesdays: Florida National News column by image expert Wendy Lyn Phillips.

Happy PINKtober!

I want to give a shout out to all of you incredible super survivors. I admire your strength and celebrate with you. I think it’s great that we devote a specific time to focus on women’s health. We are indeed all stronger when we stand together in support. Keep sharing your stories of how you’re an overcomer and more importantly, don’t go down the dark roads alone! Reach out…reach up…but not alone.


Now, on to business…and Image Matters

This week’s blog is unique; watching this video will give you an insider sneak peek to what my Mediagenics™ program is all about. There are some really great facts over on my blog about how you can get more visibility – for your message, product, book or service.

When you inquire about the program, mention W.O.W. and receive 20% off your first session.

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Questions I Often Get Asked:

Q: How can you keep your brows so nicely trimmed and shaped?
A: Having the right tools is essential–these brushes are great. Some women prefer using a template, but most just need to get it done professionally. It’s quite the rage right now to add really full and bold brows. Whatever your style, they are what frames your face…like curtains on the window. For a youthful update, get yours done today.


image011Wendy Lyn Phillips is an image and branding expert that has coached thousands on the value of having a compelling presence and using that to create more open door opportunities both personally and professionally for the last 25 years. She is the author of the best-selling book, Naked to Knockout Beauty from the Inside Out and has worked in media as a guest, a host and producer. You can connect with her at

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