Wendy on Wednesday: What’s Your Little Blue Box?

Wendy on Wednesdays: Florida National News column by image expert Wendy Lyn Phillips.

If you’ve been down 5th Ave in NYC you’ve probably visited the famous jewelry store known for these precious and pricey little iconic, aqua colored boxes?

You’re right, I’m talking about Tiffany’s. They have a unique packaging brand that allows the receiver of the gift to know instantly that something very special is inside. Some people have that kind of reputation in how their image matches their stellar service and delivery. But then some…Some people don’t quite capitalize on the power of having those two align.

Your Product or Service + Your Image = Your Message = YOU

There has to be a strand of consistency with Who you are and What you are offering. Simply put: What’s on the inside should be reflected and attractive on the outside.

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image011Wendy Lyn Phillips is an image and branding expert that has coached thousands on the value of having a compelling presence and using that to create more open door opportunities both personally and professionally for the last 25 years. She is the author of the best-selling book, Naked to Knockout Beauty from the Inside Out and has worked in media as a guest, a host and producer. You can connect with her at

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