A Starting Point: Your Quick Guide to Chris Evans’ New Bipartisan Video Platform

WASHINGTON, D.C. (FNN NEWS) – Superstar Chris Evans launched A Starting Point (ASP) this week, offering a new bipartisan video platform that brings politics to voters in 1-minute clips.

Captain America has come to the rescue once again. Actor Chris Evans, alongside Mark Kassen and Joe Kiani, released a political website that aims to educate the electorate and unify America in a time of widespread division.

The basis of the website is simple: politics explained to voters in quick 1-minute videos by politicians themselves.

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Your Quick Guide to A Starting Point

In the first and largest section of the website, Starting Points, you begin by looking at several large political topic buttons. Once you’ve selected the topic you’re interested in, a list of questions will appear.

These questions can be about terminology, on constitutional basis, on specific bills, or on any kind of political query.

Every question is tackled by several Republican and Democrat lawmakers whose response videos are limited to 1-2 minutes long. You can select the representatives you want to hear, and quickly and succinctly get the opinions of both sides of the aisle.

Chris Evans explains where his idea for the platform came from in his welcome video:

I was watching the news and there was something I didn’t understand, and I went to Google it. And right away I was in the weeds. There was just this mountain of information to sift through. And I thought, ‘What if there was a way that I could get not only concise answers to common questions, but get the answers from the elected officials themselves?’


Politicians are not known for their brevity and frankness, so to hear short, direct answers is a breath of fresh air. The platform also saves voters from having to dig through countless news articles and opinion pieces to find what they’re looking for.

Something else unique about the platform is that there are no likes, comments, followers, or shares. All distractions are removed, so you can block out the noise of comment wars and popularity contests and focus on the actual arguments.

The platform has three additional components besides the simple question and answer format.

Politician Profiles give a quick look into the personal history of each representative. They answer questions such as “What Inspired You To Get Into Politics?” and “What Is Your Most Meaningful Moment In Congress?” This reminds voters of politicians’ humanity, especially those of the opposite party.

Daily Points is a direct post from politicians to the site, letting them speak directly to voters on any topic of their choosing for one minute. Some examples include House Representative Ted Lieu (D) speaking on the importance of wearing a mask, or Senator Rob Portman (R) discussing police reform.

This kind of direct posting simulates TikTok and Instagram, which are incredibly popular social media platforms among younger audiences.

Counter Points is a brief back and forth debate between two representatives on a certain issue. Featuring two rounds and then final statements, both candidates shoot their videos responding to the arguments of the other. It’s quick, effective, and has the ability to show common ground between parties.

The website comes at a time when the ideological split between parties is increasing drastically. According to a 2017 Pew Research Center report, “Across 10 measures that Pew Research Center has tracked on the same surveys since 1994, the average partisan gap has increased from 15 percentage points to 36 points.”

The rift between ideologies has more than doubled in only 20 years, and voters are desperate to bridge the divide. Government deadlock and shutdowns have become commonplace as Congress fails to pass even funding for itself.

A Starting Point hopes to be just that: a starting point on the road to recovery. A space where dialogue can start flowing, and where all voters can learn about what’s really going on in Washington, directly from the representatives they voted in.


Marcos Barrios is a Florida National News contributing writer and college student. The avid writer and musician is passionate about politics and entertainment in Florida and abroad.

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