Commissioner Nikki Fried releases ad highlighting Democratic candidates from across Florida

TALLAHASSEE, FL. – On Wednesday, Commissioner Nikki Fried announced a new digital ad highlighting down ballot Democratic candidates from across the state. The digital ad will be launched from her “Florida Consumers First PAC,” targeting Democratic voters in each of the candidate’s districts.
The ad is called, “Imagine a Florida,” highlighting what Florida would look like with Democrats in charge at every level.
“We have an incredibly talented, diverse, and experienced group of Democrats running up and down the ballot in Florida, and I want to ensure we see victories at every level,” said Commissioner Fried. “During this pandemic we continue to see first hand how important our local and state leaders are, and the difference between what Democrats have done to protect Floridians compared to Republicans couldn’t be more clear. We need Democrats at every level to transform our state to what it can be, and I’m proud to highlight these candidates in their districts ahead of November 3rd.”
The ad features:
Kathy Lewis, Candidate for Senate District 20
Corinna Robinson, Candidate for Senate District 25
Joshua Hicks, Candidate for House District 11
Daisy Morales, Candidate for House District 48
Ricky Junquera, Candidate for House District 118
Nicole Hamm, Candidate for Jacksonville City Council

Kay Maragh, Candidate for Mayor, City of Palm Bay

This ad comes after Commissioner Fried announced over $100,000 of investments for down ballot candidates, including individual contributions, and partnerships with FDP to help candidates access crucial data. Fried is the only Democrat elected statewide to serve on Florida’s cabinet.

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