DOFW Day 5: Local Boutique Owners Pursue Their Passion Designing Tempting Wares

by Rachael Garrett The Young Nation Beauty, Health &Art Shopping Expo was a success in part because local boutique owners displayed their unique wallet-worthy collections. Rachael Garrett interviewed three designers that brought their own business style to the table.


1. Charity Chamblin: CCouture Luxury Boutique

Ms. Chamblin graced us by wearing her original collection. This red leather backless bodycon dress demanded every eye at the Expo.

CCouture owner Charity Chamblin wears a red backless bodycon dress from her collection

With a Bachelors and Masters degree in Psychology under her belt, Charity had a strong desire to give back to the community. Her slogan, “Diva is your last name,” captures the importance and value of self-confidence. Chamblin believes that everyone has the right to feel and look great. She is one of few boutique owners that sell clothing and accessories that are affordable for her clients. With her friendly, kind and honest personality, Charity expands her clientele by understanding their personality. “People talk about what they want, but don’t go after what they want.” She takes pride in execution, networking and having a strong foundation.


2. Carol Roofner: No Frills Boutique


No Frills Boutique founders Carol and Natalie Roofner

No Frills Boutique founders Carol (left) and Natalie Roofner (right) with DOFW blogger Rachael Garrett

No Frills Boutique specializes in fashionable accessories. Carol shares it with her daughter in law, Natalie Roofner, and proves the importance of optimizing their time — their business is only three weeks old. When asked why they started the boutique, Natalie replied, “We love fashion.” Carol added, “I enjoyed attending jewelry shows and had 25 years of retail experience.” She and her husband sold their previous business and retired. No Frills Boutique offers accessories for $5.00-$30.00.


3. Stephanie Nunez: Stephanie Gabriella

Stephanie Nunez (center) of Stephanie Gabriella

Stephanie Nunez (center) of Stephanie Gabriella with models gracing her fashions

“Every since I was a little girl, I always loved clothes.” – Stephanie Nunez

Nunez flaunts eccentric style and culture with her unconventional bold colors and patterns. Being able to comfortably mix and match different patterns is what she’s most proud of. Her father encouraged her as a little girl to do what she loved and pursue it. All three ladies have one thing in common: They all recently started their business within the last month to three months. If you’re sitting on a passion or business idea, let this be the spark to get you started. You can do it, and there’s an audience waiting for you

Bring it on.


No Frills Boutique and Stephanie Gabrielle Boutique group photos by Rachael Garrett.

Charity Chamblin photo by Harry Tsang of Mr. Harry Productions.


DOFW blogger Rachael GarrettAbout the Author: Rachael Garrett is a Full Sail University graduate with a Masters of Science Degree in Entertainment Business. With a Bachelors degree in Music Performance, concentration in piano, she desired to expand her passion for the arts in event coordination with live performance and creative writing through spoken word. Her professional experience as the production manager for Full Sail University’s first Rage on the Runway Fashion Show, creative director for J’adore Fashion Show in 2011, and a stage manager for The Marked Summit concert in 2013 has opened more opportunity to maintain a healthy brand in the entertainment industry.



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