DOFW Day 5: The Best Curvy Outfits & Fashion Inspirations at Young Nation’s Expo

by Donna Reid


I had the opportunity to drop by the Young Nation Beauty, Health & Art Shopping Expo on November 8, 2013 held at The Orange Studio on Mills Avenue in the heart of Orlando. The designers’ and entrepreneurs’ eclectic vibes were very inviting for the day’s attendees.

Here are the day’s most jaw-dropping looks, curvy and otherwise. (There were so many great fashions, I couldn’t afford to leave them out!)


1. Bianca (attendee)
outfit: TJ Maxx

Expo attendee Bianca rocks great Fall fashion with her cerulean top, gold-and-black necklace, and black purse


Shoecam: Navy Just Fab boots completed Bianca’s outfit.

Expo attendee Bianca closes out her outfit with navy blue boots


Necklace: from Bianca’s website,

Young Nation Expo attendee Bianca's gold and black necklace


2. Fellow DOFW curvy fashion blogger and consultant Monica Michel

DOFW blogger and curvy fashion consultant dolls up Lion King style

This beautiful curvy diva’s style is all her own. Hakuna Matata!


Shoecam: Boots from DD’s footwear

DOFW blogger and curvy fashion consultant Monica Michel's leopard print boots


3. New York Life Insurance Company vendor Allie

Allie’s sailor-inspired tie-back halter dress:

Young Nation Expo vendor New York Life's Allie in a sailor-inspired tie-back halter dress

Shoecam: Allie’s adorable red shoes from

Young Nation Expo vendor Allie's red shoes

4. Origami Owl and Lulu Avenue jewelry vendor Wendy Leininger

I loved Wendy’s pairing: green long-sleeved henley pullover + striped knee length skirt and mid-calf boots

Young Nation Expo vendor Wendy Leininger

This beautiful Origami Owl necklace is Wendy’s design. For more visit

Young Nation Expo vendor Wendy Leininger's Origami Owl custom necklace

5. The ladies of CCouture Luxury Boutique were fashionably attired. They made the perfect diva-line up!

CCouture Luxury Boutique vendors at the Young Nation Expo

Hands down, CCouture Luxury Boutique owner Charity Chamblin’s dress was my favorite outfit of the evening.
This beautiful bodycon (a.k.a. body conscious/contour) dress (above center and below) can be found on her website.

Charity Chamblin backless red pleather bodycon dress

6. Jaya’s self-inspired outfit was “Au Couture.”

DOFW volunteer Jaya rocks a thick pink jeweled necklace purchased at the Young Nation Expo

Arm candy inspiration – the wrap-a-round is a child’s belt!

DOFW volunteer Jaya's arm candy: silver watch and a child's belt wrapped and buckled around her wrist

7. Stephanie, owner of Stephanie Gabriella, wore one of her designs.

Young Nation Expo vendor and designer Stephanie Gabriella wears her own designs

8. Fellow DOFW blogger Rachael Garrett looked stunning in all black.
Top: Forever 21, gold belt: H&M, Valencia dark brown leather boots: a.n.a (A New Approach)

DOFW blogger Rachael Garrett stuns in all black and adds the perfect pop of color with brown boots, pink nails and lip color, and a gold skinny belt

Rachael Garrett photo taken by Max (MW).


9. These super-innovative sunglasses are designed by Terence Anderson II, co-founder of Inno25 Shades. Did we look futuristic or what?

Donna Reid and Terence T-Rocka Anderson, Co-founder of Inno25 Shades, take a picture wearing Inno25 shades themselves

Donna Reid (left) and Terence T-Rocka Anderson, co-founder of Inno25 Shades, model their own pairs.


All photos by Donna Reid except where otherwise noted.



headshot of Donna Reid -- ForeverserenityAbout the Author:

Donna (aka Foreverserenity) is a wife, mother of three, and grandmother of one. She loves to write and blogs about fashion, lifestyle, her fitness quest, culture, poetry, and music. She’s on Twitter as @foreverserenity, has over 50 boards on Pinterest, and blogs at, and She considers herself to be an independent thinker, living randomly in life’s moments.



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