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Eight Power Moves Neophyte Senia Soto Made for a Successful First Fashion Show

Reposted from Orlando Fashion Magazine with permission. Does the name Jarix (pronounced “Jah-ree”) Fashions sound familiar? If Sunday’s fun- and seat-filled ninety-minute debut fashion show at Harry P. Leu Gardens is any indication, that name will become familiar soon enough. Jarix Fashions designer Senia Jarix Soto just recently turned eighteen, and the fashion show was…

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OIFW Day 3: The Autism Speaks Benefit Dinner and Show Creates Cultural Overload

by Mellissa Thomas   Orlando International Fashion Week deepened its imprint during its Autism Speaks benefit dinner and fashion show at the Orlando Science Center Tuesday, November 4, 2014. While many were still rushing to the polls, Central Florida’s fashion lovers gathered in the picturesque Orlando Science Center for a night of fashion, delicious food,…

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Orlando International Fashion Week Press Party Explosively Opens the Week

by Mellissa Thomas The phrase “fashion show” usually conjures up images of malls, large hotel halls, clubs, and perhaps even large warehouses ornately transformed for the occasion. However, Fierce Entertainment Management, the team behind Orlando International Fashion Week, took a totally different angle. In the vein of its culture-rich spring show, Florida Fashion Weekend, which…

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What Exactly is Sartorial Summer Style?

by Lex Ansley   When it comes to custom style and clothing, one need look no further than sartorial fashion .The great sartorialists of our time embrace tailored looks that still allow for self-expression. But what is sartorial style? And what does that mean for summer styling?   Sartorial is defined as: of or relating…

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Fashion Pays it Forward, Too: Sanford-Brown College Orlando Immerses Youth Through Workshops

by Mellissa Thomas   International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT), Orlando’s premier fashion design school, has joined the Sanford-Brown family of schools, expanding its degree program offerings to include cinema production, game design and production, post production, multimedia, photography, and film and video – and that’s just their Media Arts area of study. Their…

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