Free Communications Software Features Full Audio and Video Functionality

CHICAGO, (FNN NEWS) — FreeSWITCH, an open source soft-switch and media platform, has released version 1.6.9 earlier this month. The latest version of the software provides all the functionality of a central telephone system as well as modern WebRTC features to make communication possible with popular web browsers like Chrome, FireFox and Microsoft Edge.

“FreeSWITCH bridges the gap between the legacy telecommunications industry and the media-rich real-time audio/video generation,” said Anthony Minessale, Author of FreeSWITCH and President of FreeSWITCH Solutions LLC.

The open-source software project was founded in 2006 and was used by telecommunications companies to consolidate and route massive amounts of Voice over IP traffic between consumer locations and large datacenters with dense access to the public telephone network. It runs on most modern operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux and other UNIX variants.

“Today it can still solve those original problems but also provides a blank canvas for developing products and services that rely on streaming audio and/or video,” Minessale added.

The full-featured Video Conferencing system in FreeSWITCH can be used to mix stereo audio and display video images from many participants into one and the layouts can be adjusted on-the-fly. At the same time, callers on a traditional land-line can join the call with audio-only.

“It goes way beyond phone calls,” commented Brian West, Co-founder of the project. “We started out focused on phone calls but today we are doing things we never imagined would be possible.”

The FreeSWITCH software developers actually use their own creation as a means to interact and collaborate on running the project. Every Wednesday they broadcast a live show on You Tube directly from the latest version of FreeSWITCH to test functionality.

The latest version of FreeSWITCH is freely available at

The entire FreeSWITCH team will also be presenting at the upcoming ClueCon developers conference in Chicago August 8th-11th2016.

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