Grenada’s Ambassador to the U.S. Presents Credentials to President Trump

WASHINGTON, D.C. (FNN NEWS) – Grenada’s Ambassador to the United States, Ms. Yolande Smith, this week presented her credentials to U.S. President Donald Trump.

In discussion with President Trump, Ambassador Smith said Grenada continues to enjoy steady progress in human and economic development.

Citing the long, friendly and harmonious ties between Grenada and the United States as the platform for mutually beneficial bilateral relations, the Grenadian ambassador expressed optimism for expanded engagement between the two countries.

She also conveyed Grenada’s gratitude for past and ongoing U.S. assistance. Ambassador Smith said, “As a developing country, and one which sits on the shores of a vulnerable Caribbean region, that is susceptible to natural disasters such as Hurricanes, droughts and climate change, Grenada continues to be grateful to its partners. Accordingly, we welcome and appreciate the U.S. Southern Command’s most recent initiative to help in the building of a Headquarters for our National Disaster Management Agency.”

Ambassador Smith also referenced cooperation and training in the area of border security. “Understanding how porous our borders can be, and in full appreciation of our proximity to the United States, Grenada is grateful for the training, interceptor boats, other equipment and support provided to our security personnel—both for our forces on land and sea. In this way, both our countries can be better secured against unwanted and unwarranted security threats.”

Referencing a strong and productive partnership with Grenada that dates back to 1974, President Trump said the United States continues to engage Grenada and other Caribbean islands in the areas of security, diplomacy, prosperity, energy, education and health. He gave assurances of continued engagement through the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative.

He said, “It is my hope we will work together to facilitate trade, create favorable business and investment climates and invest in human capital so citizens can contribute to the development of their communities.”

Grenada’s Ambassador to the United States was one of eleven diplomats who presented their credentials to the U.S. President last week.

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