Kathy Castor and Lois FrankeI Win Re-Election to Congress Without Opposition

TAMPA, Fla. (FNN NEWS) – Dreams do come true if you ask two congressional Democrat incumbents in Florida who will get a free ride to re-election.

U.S. Representatives Kathy Castor -Tampa, and Lois Frankel – West Palm Beach both won automatic re-election to Congress when no one submitted paperwork and paid the $10,440 filing fee to challenge them before the May 4 deadline.

They are the only members of Florida’s congressional delegation to run unopposed this year.

U.S. Representatives in Florida

No free ride to re-election for the remaining congressional incumbents:

1Dosev, Cris (REP)Qualified
Ehr, Phil (DEM)Qualified
Gaetz, Matt (REP) *IncumbentQualified
Mills, John (REP)Qualified
Zimmerman, Jennifer M. (DEM)Qualified
2Dunn, Neal (REP) *IncumbentQualifiedUnopposed
Peters, Brandon (DEM)Qualified
Rackleff, Bob (DEM)Qualified
3Gosai, Dushyant Jethagir (DEM)Qualified
Hayes Hinson, Yvonne (DEM)Qualified
Sapp, Judson (REP)Qualified
Wells, Tom (DEM)Qualified
Yoho, Ted (REP) *IncumbentQualified
4Berrios, Joceline (NPA)Qualified
Bulger, Jason Michael (NPA)Qualified
Koniz, Gary L. (WRI)Qualified
Murphy, Danny (WRI)Qualified
Rutherford, John H. (REP) *IncumbentQualifiedUnopposed
Selmont, George “Ges” (DEM)QualifiedUnopposed
5Brown, Alvin (DEM)Qualified
Fuller, Virginia (REP)QualifiedUnopposed
Lawson, Al (DEM) *IncumbentQualified
6Costello, Fred (REP)Qualified
Sevigny, Stephen (DEM)Qualified
Soderberg, Nancy (DEM)Qualified
Upchurch, John (DEM)Qualified
Waltz, Michael (REP)Qualified
Ward, John (REP)Qualified
7Francois, Vennia (REP)Qualified
Miller, Mike (REP)Qualified
Murphy, Stephanie (DEM) *IncumbentQualified
Richardson, Chardo (DEM)Qualified
Sturgill, Scott (REP)Qualified
8Patel, Sanjay (DEM)QualifiedUnopposed
Posey, Bill (REP) *IncumbentQualifiedUnopposed
9Grayson, Alan (DEM)Qualified
Liebnitzky, Wayne (REP)QualifiedUnopposed
Soto, Darren (DEM) *IncumbentQualified
10Darius, Wade (DEM)Qualified
Demings, Val (DEM) *IncumbentQualified
11Cottrell, Dana (DEM)QualifiedUnopposed
Saldana, Luis (WRI)Qualified
Webster, Daniel (REP) *IncumbentQualifiedUnopposed
12Bilirakis, Gus Michael (REP) *IncumbentQualifiedUnopposed
Hunter, Chris (DEM)Qualified
Perenich, Stephen M. (DEM)Qualified
Purkis, Angelika (NPA)Qualified
Tager, Robert Matthew (DEM)Qualified
13Buck, George (REP)Qualified
Crist, Charlie (DEM) *IncumbentQualifiedUnopposed
Sostack, Brad (REP)Qualified
14Castor, Kathy (DEM) *IncumbentUnopposedUnopposedUnopposed
15Bynzar, Alek (WRI)Qualified
Carlson, Kristen (DEM)Qualified
Combee, Neil (REP)Qualified
Harper, Sean (REP)Qualified
Johnson, Dave (WRI)Qualified
Kushmer, Danny (REP)Qualified
Learned, Andrew P. (DEM)Qualified
Pena, Raymond “Ray” (DEM)Qualified
Rabinowitz, Jeffrey G. (WRI)Qualified
Rogers, Curt (REP)Qualified
Shoemaker, Ed (REP)Qualified
Spano, Ross (REP)Qualified
16Buchanan, Vern (REP) *IncumbentQualifiedUnopposed
Schneider, Jan (DEM)Qualified
Shapiro, David (DEM)Qualified
17Akins, Bill (REP)Qualified
Freeman, April (DEM)Qualified
Gonzalez, Julio (REP)Qualified
Pollard, Bill (DEM)Qualified
Steube, Greg (REP)Qualified
18Baer, Lauren (DEM)Qualified
Cummings, Dave (REP)Qualified
Freeman, Mark (REP)Qualified
Keith, Pam (DEM)Qualified
Mast, Brian (REP) *IncumbentQualified
19Holden, David (DEM)Qualified
Pollard, Pete (WRI)Qualified
Rooney, Francis (REP) *IncumbentQualifiedUnopposed
Truax, Todd James (DEM)Qualified
20Bonner, Jay (WRI)Qualified
Cherfilus-McCormick, Sheila (DEM)Qualified
Hastings, Alcee L. (DEM) *IncumbentQualified
21Frankel, Lois (DEM) *IncumbentUnopposedUnopposedUnopposed
22Deutch, Ted (DEM) *IncumbentQualified
Fandl, Jeff (DEM)Qualified
Kimaz, Nicolas (REP)Qualified
Manjarres, Javier “Javi” (REP)Qualified
Walters, Eddison (REP)Qualified
23Canova, Timothy A. “Tim” (NPA)Qualified
Endriss, Don (NPA)Qualified
Kaufman, Joseph “Joe” (REP)Qualified
Reyes, Carlos J. (REP)Qualified
Spalding, Carla (REP)Qualified
Wasserman Schultz, Debbie (DEM) *IncumbentQualifiedUnopposed
24De La Fuente, Ricardo (DEM)Qualified
Wilson, Frederica S. (DEM) *IncumbentQualified
25Barzee Flores, Mary (DEM)QualifiedUnopposed
Diaz-Balart, Mario (REP) *IncumbentQualifiedUnopposed
26Curbelo, Carlos (REP) *IncumbentQualified
Faas, Souraya (REP)Qualified
Grimes, Demetries Andrew (DEM)Qualified
Mucarsel-Powell, Debbie (DEM)Qualified
27Adadi, Elizabeth (REP)Qualified
Barreiro, Bruno A. (REP)Qualified
Chirino, Angie (REP)Qualified
Gonzalez, Kristen Rosen (DEM)Qualified
Haggman, Matt (DEM)Qualified
Hepburn, Michael A. (DEM)Qualified
Joli, Mayra (NPA)Qualified
Marks, Stephen (REP)Qualified
Ohevzion, Michael (REP)Qualified
Peiro, Maria (REP)Qualified
Richardson, David (DEM)Qualified
Rodriguez Aguilera, Bettina (REP)Qualified
Salazar, Maria Elvira (REP)Qualified
Shalala, Donna (DEM)Qualified
Sosa, Gina (REP)Qualified

Courtesy of Florida Division of Elections

Most congressional incumbents will face off with an opponent(s) in the August 26 primary election or during the November 6 general election.


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