“Maduro is a Tyrant and a Thug”: U.S. Rep. Demings Rejects Lifting Sanctions on Venezuela

ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN) – Former Orlando chief of police and current Congresswoman (D-Fl) Val Demings blasted the Biden administration for lifting some sanctions on Venezuela, saying that it will only help the Venezuelan regime.

Nicolás Maduro is a tyrant and a thug, no different than the criminals I spent 27 years putting behind bars. Easing sanctions on Venezuela will empower Maduro and his cronies, hurting Venezuelans who are struggling for freedom and democracy,” Demings said in a statement.

Associated Press reported on Monday that Chevron will be able to negotiate its license with state-owned oil company Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), but not to drill or export petroleum originated in Venezuela.

It also stated that the US will take Carlos Erik Malpica Flores, former national treasurer and ex PDVSA financial vice-president, off the sanctioned individual list. Malpica is also the nephew of Cilia Flores, Venezuela’s First Lady.

The gesture is meant to encourage Venezuela’s opposition to sit back down with the Maduro regime to seek a solution for the dire situation of the country, as well as a sign that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has forced the United States to rethink its international strategy.

More than six million Venezuelans have emigrated from their country escaping the government’s repression and its economic uncertainty. More than three-quarters of the ones who remain live with less than $1.90 a day, besides dealing with frequent electrical blackouts and lack of running water.

Many Democrats, including Demings, consider that the Biden administration is making a mistake in lifting the sanctions.

We don’t help anybody by appeasing socialist dictators. We must focus on lowering the cost of gas for Florida families without enriching a murderous regime,” Demings added.


Juan Carlo Rodriguez is a politics and entertainment reporter for Florida National News and an Assistant Editor for FNN News en Español, part of the FNN News Network. |

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