Maxwell Alejandro Frost Announces Kevin Lata as Campaign Manager for his Campaign to Represent Florida’s 10th Congressional District

ORLANDO, Fla. – Today, Maxwell Alejandro Frost announced Kevin Lata as his Campaign Manager in his bid to represent Florida’s 10th Congressional District, an open, democratic seat, located in the heart of Orlando.

Lata has a strong record of leading winning campaigns in Florida. Last cycle he joined  Investigative Journalist, Alan Cohn’s campaign for FL-15, as the Campaign Manager three months before the primary. Cohn was seen as the underdog against Florida State Representative Adam Hattersley, who secured democratic establishment support early on. Cohn ultimately won the primary by 8 points, with Lata at the helm.

Prior to Lata’s arrival, Cohn was heavily outraised quarter after quarter, but when Lata joined, that trend reversed and Cohn ultimately outraised and outspent his opponent. Together, Cohn and Lata showed that candidates with progresive values can defeat moderates and establishment candidates with the right campaigns. Florida Politics previously wrote about his impact on that race.

During the general election, Cohn raised $2.5 million dollars, more than anyone had ever raised in the history of the district.

Lata was also Campaign Manager for Margaret Good’s 2018 HD 72 special election campaign, which resulted in a 7.4 point victory, a 23 point swing, over James Buchanan in the longtime republican district that Trump won and Obama lost in 2008 and 2012. Due to the organizing efforts of Lata and the Good team, they set a record for the highest voter turnout for a state house special election in Florida’s history, with 36% of eligible voters casting a ballot. Until that seat was won by Republicans in 2020, it was the reddest seat in the state held by a Democrat.

“Maxwell has experienced police abuse first hand, seen his community ravaged by gun violence, and understands the way that working people and people of color are unjustly marginalized and left behind by our society – and that’s who he’s running for. Maxwell will not just be an ally to working class and poor people here, he will be an accomplice fighting with them in the streets and in Congress to create the world we deserve,” said Kevin Lata, Campaign Manager for Maxwell Alejandro Frost.

Lata continued, “It is an incredible honor to be a part of this campaign and we are going to be working day and night over the next year to earn the trust, respect, and support of voters in this district.”

“Kevin is one of the best Campaign Managers there is and I’m so glad he’s with our campaign. People in this district are struggling – gun violence is up significantly since last year, too many people are an unexpected expense away from missing rent and being evicted, and Florida is ground zero for the climate crisis,” said Maxwell Alejandro Frost, candidate for Florida’s 10th Congressional District.

Frost continued, “Residents in the district need someone in Congress that is going to fight relentlessly for the transformational change that is so desperately needed and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

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