Noor Salman Trial: FBI Agent Did Not Take Notes, Conduct A Polygraph, Nor Audio or Video Record Noor Salman’s Interview

ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN NEWS) – Testimony continued Monday with FBI Special Agent Ricardo Enriquez, a polygraph examiner in the federal trial of the Pulse nightclub shooter’s wife Noor Salman.  He was the only witness to testify.


FBI Agent Obtained Three Statements

Enriquez told the court that he obtained three written statements during the four-and-a-half-hour interview with Salman. He said he wrote down the statements she dictated to him, since she was too nervous to write for herself.

Salman said in the first statement that Mateen watched violent jihadi videos, purchased a rifle before the shooting, spent a lot of money on her and was concerned Mateen would commit an act of terrorism.

Mateen asked Salman, “What would make people more upset, an attack at Disney or a nightclub?” according to the statement.

Salman said in the second statement that Mateen had been preparing for jihad by going to a gun range to practice and spending money on ammunition.


FBI Agent Did Not Take Notes, Conduct A Polygraph, Audio or Video Record

Juries have come to expect law enforcement to provide audio and video evidence of a suspect or witness confession. Well, the jury, the victims, loved ones of the 49 people killed, and the public will never hear or see any electronic recording of Salman’s interview and confession obtained by Agent Enriquez.

Enriquez reiled on the three statements he obtained from Salman. However, Salman’s defense attorney Charles Swift grilled him about the how accurate the written statements were. The FBI office had interview rooms equipped with video cameras.

The jury must rely on the accuracy of agent Enriquez’s memories, interpretations, deceit and psychological trickery legally employed to obtain information and confession from Salman.


Memo Directs FBI To Electronic Record Suspects and Witnesses 


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