Pro Bono Defense Attorneys Wins Not Guilty Verdict For Pulse Nightclub Gunman’s Wife Noor Salman

ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN NEWS) – Early Friday morning, a federal jury in Orlando found Pulse nightclub gunman Omar Mateen’s widow Noor Salman not guilty of all charges in connection to her husband’s mass shooting that left 49 people dead and more than 50 injured.

It took less than one hour into Day 3 of jury deliberation for the 12-member jury to return a verdict. Salman was charged by government prosecutors with aiding and abetting the attempted provision and provision of material support to a foreign terrorist organization, and obstruction of justice.

Prosecutors built its case on a 12-page written statement that FBI Special Agent Ricardo Enriquez, a polygraph examiner, wrote down for Salman the day of the shooting.

During witness testimony defense attorneys discovered that some of the statements were factually impossible. Computer forensics and false confession experts disclosed that Mateen and Salman never cased the Pulse nightclub as stated by the FBI. Mateen attacked the Pulse nightclub as a last-minute decision.

It wasn’t until closing arguments that the government prosecutors revealed to the jury for the first time that they believed Mateen’s true target was Disney Springs, not the Pulse nightclub.

FBI Did Not Take Notes, Audio or Video Record, Conduct A Consented Polygraph

Juries have come to expect law enforcement to provide audio and video evidence of a suspect or witness confession. Well, the jury, the victims, loved ones of the 49 people killed, and the public would never hear or see any electronic recording of Salman’s interviews and confession obtained by FBI agent Enriquez.

The jury must rely on the accuracy of agent Enriquez’s memories, interpretations, deceit and psychological trickery legally employed to obtain information and confession from Salman.

Jury Foreman’s statement on recording Noor Salman’s interviews

“I wish that the FBI had recorded their interviews with Ms. Salman as there were several significant inconsistencies with the written summaries of her statements,” the foreman said. “The bottom line is that, based on the letter of the law, and the detailed instructions provided by the court, we were presented with no option but to return a verdict of not guilty.”

Memo Directs FBI To Electronic Record Suspects and Witnesses

Prosecutors Speaks To Media On Jury’s Not Guilty Verdict

Family Members Speak To Media On Jury’s Not Guilty Verdict

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