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[WATCH] Nourishing Biologicals Launches Four-Piece Flagship Product Line



Nourishing Biologicals skin care line defies aging at the cellular level. Photo courtesy of Nourishing Biologicals.

SAINT AUGUSTINE, Fla. (FNN NEWS) – Nourishing Biologicals, a science-based skin care company created to fight and prevent skin damage that causes skin aging, announced today the official reveal of its first product line. Nourishing Biologicals’ four-piece Miracular Rejuvenation flagship collection of high-performance treatments, serums and moisturizers are now available for purchase through the brand’s website.

Nourishing Biologicals formulates its products using scientifically proven ingredients from around the world that fight and prevent skin damage caused by free radicals – the molecules that come from exposure to sunlight, pollution and cigarette smoke, among a variety of other harmful lifestyle factors that cause oxidative stress and ultimately, skin aging. With the goal of helping men and women globally to achieve more permanent improvements to their skin, Nourishing Biologicals has created the most effective and sophisticated four-step skincare solution available on the market today.

After the brand conducted twelve-week medical trials, each patient saw positive results, providing exciting data from the trial period is supportive of this promising new approach for treating individual’s unique skincare needs. “Results don’t come quickly but it’s quite incredible how quickly I noticed the difference in my face and hands. Most of all, it was clear to me that Nourishing Biologicals would continue to yield aging, showcasing longer-lasting results,” said, Kathleen Kessler, who has been using the products twice a day since her participation in the medical trial.

The flagship collection is an essential set designed to restore, hydrate and protect skin in order to achieve an overall healthy and naturally vibrant appearance. Products include:

  • L’Unique Skin Essence – A lightweight, ultra-soft facial cream that provides lasting hydration for softer, smoother, and visibly healthier-looking skin. Formulated with natural oils, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories and growth factors, this non-greasy moisturizer immediately leaves skin more hydrated, even in skin’s driest areas.
  • L’Unique Miracular Facial Serum – Charged with a regenerating bio-active formula, this daily facial serum visibly restores the appearance of the skin to help it look firmer and youthful.
  • L’Unique Miracular Eye Cream – This creamy, soothing, eye treatment helps reduce visible puffiness, and erase dark lines to create a bright, calm, well-rested and wrinkle-free eye look.
  • L’Unique Men’s Face Serum – A bold, anti-aging formulation that penetrates deep down to combat all visible signs of aging, improving hydration, skin tone while getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles.

“We’re thrilled to celebrate the launch of our staple product line – the first of its kind supported by a high level of intensive scientific research,” said George Sadowski M.D., founder of Nourishing Biologicals. “We’ve identified the key factors that cause skin to age and have created a solution that will help men and women achieve their dream skin – skin that appears firmer, smoother and nurtured – within minutes.”

Nourishing Biologicals’ products utilize the latest ingredients involved in cellular communication and active constituents proven to work by quantifiable, scientific studies. They are also completely free of harmful chemicals to support skin health. Specifically, the flagship collection was formulated to stop inflammatory pathways, protect genetic material and other vital proteins, improve formation of collagen, improve resilience and longevity of skin cells and foster the growth of healthy skin. Each product includes the following components: a nutritional base, highly-active growth factors, exclusive protein antioxidants, highly-concentrated collagen and hexapeptide growth factor – a combination that aids in reducing signs of aging by lightening, smoothing and hydrating to improve skin barrier function and enhance overall skin glow.

For more information on Nourishing Biologicals, please visit You can also find more customer testimonials here.

The Nourishing Biologicals team spoke with Florida National News in an exclusive interview aboard the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line’s Grand Celebration as they beautified the 2019 Ms. International World/Ms. Latina International Competition contestants two weeks prior to the flagship launch. Watch the interview above.

Beauty Tips

The 10 Can’t-Miss Ways to Rock Haute Couture in Hot Climates




by Denise Mose, Ph.D, Fashion Columnist


One of Lebanese designer Rami Kadi's 2014 haute couture print dress designs. Photo source:

One of Lebanese designer Rami Kadi’s 2014 haute couture print dress designs. Photo source:



Springtime brings pretty flowers, wedding invitations and hot weather, which also means outdoor activities, so lets talk about haute couture in hot climates. More than anything, I see extroverted leggy looks as the number one trend for summer music festival fashions. From the Kentucky Derby, to San Diego, and the very popular Coachella Music Festival, you can still stay fashionable. Dr. D has the diagnosis for your summer outdoor wardrobe.


Here’s the Can’t-Miss Top 10:

1. Legs. Yes, be sure to get those toned tanned legs because you will need them this summer. High-waist short shorts and mini swing skirts demand legs.

2. Hair flowers are a throw back to the 1967 Summer of Love Music Festival in San Francisco. Flowers symbolize the innocence of summer, the celebratory spirit of love and friendship. I’ve seen guys do this, too. Fashion is all attitude, never forget that!

3. Tribal (global) prints and a remixed feathered tribal headdress means you will use geometric prints, stripes and heads in a big way. Yes, head prints, eyes and other body parts are used in tribal prints — bold, bright and sort of shocking.

4. Buy red. It looks good as a dress, a diaphanous pant suit, and…well, just wear red.

5. All-American denim rocks. Just throw it over anything and I promise you it works!

6. Change your hair. I am killing an awesome flipped-up style thanks to the amazing Chonda Hawkins. Mohawks get you attention. Go purchase a black leather jacket, plaid boyfriend shirt and sneakers. Oh, yeah, don’t forget your Willie Nelson bandana. Willie is a legend! Do it!

7. Western cowgirl boots, short dresses and tribal feathers. This look made Taylor Swift famous. Need I say more?

8. Swimwear and shorts. Don’t forget the flowers in your hair.

9. Jumpsuits or rompers. Romper wear is all the rage this summer. Long, short, solid, striped or a print romper spells relaxed and comfy style. I’ve just got 4 in various colors!

10. Shoes. Straw boaters are a trend due to The Great Gatsby being released last year. It still works this season!


Ok, Dr. D’s top ten outside wear tips are here! Make me proud!

Dr. D is here for you: One wardrobe at a time!



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Journalist, entrepreneur, speaker, media personality, and life and etiquette coach Dr. Denise Y. MoseAbout the Author:
Denise Y. Mose, Ph.D is the owner/creator of Simply D Perfume and Beauty Bath and Body Line, and hosts the Urban America Today Talk Show. She is also a sought-after red carpet host, having been invited to cover the Grammys, Emmys, Kentucky Derby, and world-famous New York Fashion Week. Dr. Mose is an authority on education, beauty/fashion, career coaching and etiquette. Her third book, The Guilt-Free Guide to Fashion, is currently on bookshelves nationwide. The American Image Consultant Association seeks her advice on wardrobe and fashion seminars.



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Behind The Scenes Scoop: The Makeup Behind Florida Fashion Weekend’s Magnetic Looks



by Liz Everett

It was lights, camera, action at Florida Fashion Weekend this month here in Orlando, Florida, which included a Kickoff Press Party & Mixer Friday night and the “Love & War: Age of Enlightenment” Fashion Show Saturday night. The vibe at Jai Gallery was amazing; it set the tone for a fashion-fabulous weekend that was full of beauty everywhere you looked. From gorgeous models to all the right guests and talented designers, it was the perfect opportunity to get fashionably inspired.


Working the Kickoff Press Party & Mixer


Misly Beltinor's models pose as living mannequins after they walk the gallery. Photo by Kevin Coates.

Misly Beltinor’s models pose as living mannequins after they walk the gallery. Photo by Kevin Coates.


One of the Misly Beltinor models pose as a human mannequin. Photo by Brion Price Photography.

Photo Source: Brion Price Photography


As part of the hair and makeup team, I started out working the Kickoff Press Party, which featured Misly Beltinor’s designs. Great hair and makeup is key to enhancing the garments as well as the overall feeling of a showcase. Once we saw the gorgeous color pop in Misly’s designs, fellow artist Helen and I came up with a very sensual smoky eye palette; and went with a very berry stained lip look that offset the chic overall glam. I have to say, each model truly brought something different to the table for the overall visual, which made the hair and makeup process tons of fun.


Bringing the Night’s Makeup Looks Home with You

So you may be asking, “Where do I start if I wanted to get that runway look for myself?” I recommend starting where any great makeup artist begins, which is with a great face primer and a great palette for a smoky eye. My top three picks for primers are MAC Prep+Prime, Smashbox Photo Finish or Too Faced Primed & Poreless.

For great smoky eye palettes, I recommend Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar, Lorac’s Unzipped, and Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palettes. That way, you can get the same gorgeous smoky eye and flawless finish the models had during the Kickoff Press Party & Mixer.

It was a total MAC attack all the way for both shows with MAC Prep+Prime as a starter for each face I worked on. When you want a perfect finish for your face, primer is the key. I made sure to really cover every inch of the models’ faces with a primer so their photo finish would be second to none. Like anything else, the initial stages of what I do literally build the foundation for a gorgeous face.


Making the Love & War Looks for Saturday

On Saturday, we pumped up the color with African inspired designs by Brandi “Bahiyah” Wajd and the glamour of Yong Lin’s collection. The hair and makeup team tripled in size to accommodate the size of the shows. We got a chance to pump up the volume in every way for the runway. For outstanding eye color, I turned to Coastal Scents metallic palette and Urban Decay’s electric palette as well. From crazy color eyeliner to color-pigmented creases, it was such an amazing experience to see not just the models, but the entire process come together.


Model Lori Katz models Yong Lin's Eastern wedding garb during Florida Fashion Weekend. Photo by Kevin Coates.

Model Lori Katz models Yong Lin’s Eastern wedding garb during Florida Fashion Weekend. Photo by Kevin Coates.


One of my secrets, besides a great primer, is also using a thicker powder setting than usual, which is important for great runway photos. A matte finish on my models’ faces was integral to the success of even the red carpet images. Milani and Motives cosmetics finishing powders were my choice for the Florida Fashion Weekend event. Overall, I had an amazing time because I know each and every guest did too! I can’t wait for Downtown Orlando Fashion Week 2014 in November!


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About the Author:
Hair/MUA and stylist Liz EverettLiz Everett is an industry-leading professional hair/makeup artist and beauty expert creating a beautiful look for clients across the nation, in Canada and the UK. From photo shoots to special events, Liz Everett has a keen eye for glamour. She also works with the most exclusive modeling, fashion, and glamour lifestyle events in the country. It’s time for you to get your gorgeous back with Gorgeous by Liz! @GorgeousByLiz





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Perfect Your Fall Makeup Look in 4 Easy Steps



by Alexis Ansley


smoky eyes and burgundy lip color are the perfect way to add drama for Fall

Summer beauty is simple and easy. Think beach-y, bronzed and laid back. Fall beauty, on the other hand, is more dramatic and warm. It can be difficult to switch up your makeup look for the changing seasons as makeup routines become solidified throughout the year. Here are a few tips to help you seamlessly bring your beauty look into fall.


1. Be Aware That Your Skin Tone May Lighten

Chances are your beautiful summer tan won’t last forever! Learn to work with your lighter skin tone while still covering imperfections. Look into purchasing a lighter foundation to accommodate your changing skin tone or experiment with mixing existing foundations. Sometimes you can match your shade exactly by combining products you already have.


2. Trade Your Bronzer For Blush

Summer requires an amazing glow, while fall calls for more matte cheek garnishes. Choose to transition into fall using a blush instead of bronzer. Not only will this compliment your overall look better, but it will provide a more dramatic look for the season.

Also, experiment with new blush colors. Deep reds and oranges are gorgeous blush shades on almost any skin tone.

Try: Mac Cosmetics blush in Frankly Scarlet

Mac Cosmetics blush



3. Dramatize Your Eyes

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, so make them amazing. The classic black smoky eye is perfect for colder seasons along with warmer shades of eye shadow. Experiment with more smoldering looks this season to keep your look fresh.

A quick way to add the smoky effect using essential beauty tools is by smudging your black liner. Line both your upper and lower lash lines heavily with a black eye pencil. Follow up with an eye shadow brush to smudge the liner. This will give you a simple, smoldering addition to your eye look.

Also, as you’re adding drama to your eye look, don’t neglect the rest of your face. Sculpt your face with contouring and highlighting kits in addition to shaping your brows.

Try: Sleek Cosmetics Contour Kit in Medium

Sleek Makeup face contour kit in medium


4. Utilize A Darker Lip Color

One of the easiest ways to transition your summer look into fall is to sport a darker lip color. While playing up the eyes is great for evening looks, sometimes a simple look works best for our daily activities. Embrace plum, burgundy, and brown lip colors — they’ll provide a beautiful hint of color to your simple fall makeup look.

Try: Make Up For Ever’s Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick in Satin Blackcurrant

Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense lipstick in Satin Blackcurrant



What your go-to Fall makeup trick? Tell us!



Image Sources:




Alexis AnsleyAbout the Author:
Alexis Ansley is a Central Florida fashion blogger, fashion consultant and co-founder of Lex&Pooch Styling Co. An avid enthusiast for all things vintage, Alexis has made a name for herself by uniquely combining vintage and contemporary styles within her personal fashion choices and while styling clients. Alexis is a member of the Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB) community and work towards bringing fresh and unique fashions to the forefront of all her style ventures.



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