Orlando Police Department Awards its Neighborhood Crime Prevention Volunteers

ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN) – The Orlando Police Department celebrated its annual Crime Prevention Award Ceremony, where they recognize the city residents for their contribution and participation on the Neighborhood Watch program.

Considered worldwide to be one of the most effective crime prevention programs, there are now over 1,000 watch captains citywide, according to the City of Orlando Police Department.

Each city commissioner gave the Block Captain of the Year for their district. This year, the honorees were Steven Berens (District 1), Justin Mack (District 2), Tambria Davern (District 3), Joanne Wood (District 4), Reshon Moore (District 5), and Macene Isom (District 6).

District 2 was also awarded the Neighborhood Watch of the Year, given to Montclair Manor.

Davern, a resident of Rosemont since 1997, says serving the community is a part of her. “My godfather was a cop in a little town in Lancaster, New York, for over thirty years. My father was in the Air Force. Community is essential to me.”

Since she started being part of the watch four years ago, “people are starting to say hello more often.” “(Before) they just went into their houses and closed their doors. They just didn’t know each other, I guess. They didn’t recognize a face. Me, just walking around and saying hello, just seeing a common face in the neighborhood every day, that’s all it takes sometimes,” she told FNN News.

Davern insists that bringing that familiarity is key to a neighborhood coming together. “If you see me on a daily basis you can say ‘oh there’s a party, they can feed me, and if they see you they think ‘well, maybe I’ll see some other face’ and if we see something unusual we can all call the police.’ Just, if you see something, say something.”

She says that since she started as Block Captain in 2016 the neighborhood has become “friendlier.” “People will stop me when I’m out walking my dog, tell me if they’ve seen anything. It feels safer, it’s getting better,” she told FNN News.

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