Company Blog Eating Your Time? Get a Ghost Blogger

You’re busy rocking your bootstrapped business, and to avoid extra expenses, you write your company’s blog posts, or delegate it to one of your employees as Facepalm_Brandon-Grasleyanother hat to wear in addition the other million things you need to get done, right?

But here’s the rub: despite your regular postings, you have a nagging feeling the blog can be performing much better, and now you’ve come to hate it because you know your company needs it, but you lose valuable time to produce quality work since you have to rush through it all.

Worst case scenario, you become so overwhelmed with the other responsibilities of the business that your blog becomes a casualty — no activity for weeks, maybe even months, which is fatal to your online presence because your customers gradually drift away in search of something more relevant.

No readers, no potential customers. No customers, no revenue.

This dilemma is avoidable.

The solution you need is simple: hire a ghost blogger.

What’s a Ghost Blogger?

A ghost blogger is a writer that does the work for you, but you or the company take the credit for the content — the blogger’s name is never revealed to the readers. A ghost blogger is one who can effectively reflect the company’s “voice”, brand, and sensibilities to the reader without revealing herself. In essence, she is what the job title implies: unseen.

You tell her how long you want your blog posts to be (500 words, for instance) and how often you want the posts to be published (weekly, twice a week, etc.), she posts them, and you pay her.

Why Hire a Ghost Blogger?

Every business’ first priority is its bottom line, and hiring a ghost blogger is more cost-effective than hiring a staff blogger.

How? Well, think about what hiring a full-time employee entails: insurance coverage, sick leave, paid vacation time, worker’s compensation (depending on the business) and wages. When you hire a freelancer (a ghost blogger is a freelance writer), you’re only paying for the content (wages); none of the other expenses apply.

More importantly, hiring a ghost blogger will save you time which could be better spent on areas of your business that you’re already well equipped to conquer. The quality of those components will increase because you’ll finally be able to give them your full attention again.

Let the ghost blogger take the company blog off your hands. Writing is her skill and therefore gets her undivided attention, so you’re sure to get the highest quality product in the end.

That sounds like a much simpler proposition than you racking your brain for the next bit of relevant content when you’re needed for everything else, right?



If you’re in the market for a ghost blogger, contact Ready Inc. today.



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