Feeling a Little Burned Out? Expand Your Mind

man statue with question mark on its headAs an entrepreneur, your business is your baby, and it’s as demanding as a real baby, isn’t it? You wear multiple hats — probably more than any sane person can take — juggling social media, branding, customer engagement, admin, supplies, and if you have staff, payroll.

Some of your daily work is exciting, but much of it’s repetitive, especially the behind-the-scenes admin tasks.

If you’re not careful, you can burn yourself out pretty easily.

Want to avoid burnout or bounce back from it?


There’s a simple and life-changing solution: become a student again, and never stop being one.

Any good leader is a great follower, and while not all readers are leaders, all leaders are readers. The advent of smartphones, tablets, and e-readers caused everything to shift online, including books and courses.

You’re forever on your phone already, so why not sharpen your mind with new knowledge while you’re surfing the web with it? You already know the two biggest benefits: you’ll not only come away smarter, but you’ll add expertise to your repertoire that’ll separate you from your peers and competitors.

That alone should motivate you to get your geek on.

Fortunately, there are dozens of websites and apps available to help you add brain wrinkles.


Stumped with all the options? Get started with these links.

Under30CEO recently posted a handy list of 10 online resources that offer free courses:
10 Places to Learn for Free Online


If you want a little more specificity (that’s understandable), Under30CEO has also posted a list of 20 specific courses entrepreneurs like you will find handy:

20 Free Entrepreneurship Courses Online to Check Out


Your homework: pick a site, then pick the best course you can use right now, and take it. Happy learning!


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Statue exhibition by Jean-Michel Folon. Photo by Marco Belucci (Flickr).

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