Representative Hinson and Senator Torres File Health Care Transparency Act

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – State Representative Yvonne Hinson (D-Gainesville) and State Senator Victor M. Torres, Jr. (D-Orlando) recently filed legislation HB 373 and SB 1742 to increase transparency in Florida’s health care system. The legislation would address denials of care by requiring hospitals and health care institutions that refuse to provide care for nonmedical reasons to disclose that fact to patients and to inform the Florida Department of Health.

“Everyone deserves access to care without discrimination,” said Representative Hinson. “Floridians are entitled to full transparency with regard to the services refused by a provider. No one should waste time and energy to be turned away at a health care facility because they were unaware of the provider’s denial. This legislation will empower Floridians to make better health care decisions while ensuring quality care for all.”

“Too many Floridians have few choices to access affordable healthcare services in their local communities,” said Senator Torres. “If hospitals and medical providers refuse services then people living in those communities should be made aware of these discriminatory business practices so that they can recruit healthcare providers willing to accept all available patients and not pick and choose the populations they want to serve.”

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