State Rep. Morales Urges Governor DeSantis for More Vaccinators and 24-Hour COVID-19 Vaccination Sites

ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN) – With President Biden’s recent announcement to have every adult vaccinated by the end of May, Representative Daisy Morales (D-Orlando) sent Governor Ron DeSantis a letter Friday calling for him to invoke his emergency powers to ease regulations for a wider range of health care workers to put more COVID-19 vaccines in arms more quickly in order to win the war against this deadly virus. She also doubled down on her push for activating two 24-hour COVID-19 mass vaccination sites in District 48.

Her letter reads, in part:

“I’m…requesting that you invoke your emergency powers to exponentially increase our number of vaccinators putting shots in arms.”

Rep. Morales pointed to other states that have activated a wide range of health care workers to more quickly distribute the vaccine, including dentists, midwives, podiatrists, and medical and nursing students. “Through their emergency orders, other states have authorized several other medical personnel, for whom vaccination is not within their scope of work, to immunize their people more quickly with the necessary completed training…”

She also pushed for a specific health care role. “I strongly call for our state to authorize phlebotomists to vaccinate. They’re already in this war, using syringes onsite to draw blood samples to test for COVID-19 antibodies. Why not have them administer the vaccine as well?”

In her push to activate the two 24-hour vaccination sites in District 48, Rep. Morales presented Florida’s stark COVID-19 statistics: “…while over 3.2 million residents have received a vaccine according to the Department of Health, we’re still behind in the battle, having lost roughly 32,000…since the pandemic began. Furthermore, Florida currently leads the nation in COVID-19 variants—roughly 600 cases, according to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.”

Rep. Morales firmly believes overnight vaccinations will be a game changer in the war against the COVID-19 pandemic, and the two 24-hour vaccination sites would easily create that advantage.

Rep. Morales wrote:

“I respectfully reiterate my request for a 24-hour vaccination site for our state, and again, we have two ready sites here in District 48 in Orlando for the pilot program: one at a former AT&T switching center located at 1501 S. Semoran Boulevard and a vacant lot and 24-hour pop-up site at 5425 S. Semoran Boulevard, a long-standing medical hub in the underserved community that offers practically every health service except the COVID-19 vaccine (referenced in my February 23, 2021 letter).”

“This is about saving lives. We need an all-hands-on-deck approach,” said Rep. Morales. “And I’m dedicated to ensuring Floridians get this life-saving vaccine as quickly as possible.”

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