Super Bowl LVI to Have an Estimated $500 Million Economic Impact on Inglewood, Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (FNN SPORTS) – On Friday at the Los Angeles Convention Center, FNN News Los Angeles spoke with President & CEO of the Los Angeles Sports & Entertainment Commission, LASEC) Kathryn Schloessman. After 25 years of hoping to host the Super Bowl, visiting other cities hosting the game, and construction delays due to weather related push-backs in the last few years, Los Angeles finally gets to host the biggest sporting event of the year in the United States.

FNN Los Angeles asked Schloessman what it was like working with the NFL on finally making it happen this year. “We feel lucky to have such a globally known event in our market. There is a lot of power there, a lot of funds they put in our city, and it has been a great partnership.” Schloessman said. The considerable amount of time to plan for an event of this magnitude leaves nothing to chance. planning for the Super Bowl began years ago. Speaking about the most challenging part of her work, Schloessman said, “We were awarded this event in 2016, trying to reign in all the ideas to focus on what will have the biggest impact on our city.”

While there are many sports & entertainment events throughout the year in Los Angeles, LASEC seems to concentrate on the large events, they are currently bidding on the 2026 World Cup, concentrating on the largest hotel room impact and overall economic impact events. “We did an economic impact survey and conservatively anywhere from $250 million to $477 million dollar impact. It’s pretty obvious, there are a lot of visitors who come to the Super Bowl, a lot of people who don’t stay for the game, but come for all the activities like the Super Bowl Experience and other things going on in the city, it’s a great networking event for people and some people just want to come and have a great weekend away, you know, in Cincinnati there is an ice storm today, it’s 70 degrees here, how happy are they?”

Schloessman did not think the lingering pandemic would have much of an impact on the final numbers odd what the commission expects for the upcoming Super Bowl weekend. “I think the numbers are still going to be really high, because we are coming out of it. People are ready to go out and do things. We know how to do things safely, we have a mask mandate, the NFL has been very careful working with the Department of Health, making sure they are doing everything right here to keep everybody safe. So I think people are just anxious to get out and experience some fun again.”


Erik Leibin is a sports reporter for FNN News Los Angeles, part of the the FNN News Network. |

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