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Bonnie Cashin: Mother of Affordable Style

by Alexis Ansley Today, the average woman looks for three things when she shops for clothing: affordability, functionality, and style. It’s become second nature to shop for clothing with these parameters, and stores like H&M and Forever 21 have flourished by providing all of these in their stores.   Before California-born Bonnie Cashin began designing…

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The Shining Fashion Winners at This Year’s Grammys

by Donna Reid The ladies seemed to have a theme this year at the Grammys — glitter and shine, and they did. My choices for best dressed on the red carpet were Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Ciara, and Rita Ora. The fashionistas at agreed with me, where I found the perfect photographs showcasing the stars…

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DOFW Day 5: Local Boutique Owners Pursue Their Passion Designing Tempting Wares

by Rachael Garrett The Young Nation Beauty, Health &Art Shopping Expo was a success in part because local boutique owners displayed their unique wallet-worthy collections. Rachael Garrett interviewed three designers that brought their own business style to the table.   1. Charity Chamblin: CCouture Luxury Boutique Ms. Chamblin graced us by wearing her original collection.…

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