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[OPINION] Schools Postponing Fall Sports is the Wrong Move

ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN NEWS) – Orange County Public Schools has announced its indefinite postponement of all fall sports due to COVID-19. That’s the wrong move. Football. Swimming. Golf. Marching Band. Bowling. Cross Country. Add them to the list of relics of society stolen by coronavirus, or rather, the OCPS School Board. The country is in…

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[OPINION] Bully-cide: How Do We Shut Down This Escape Route?

AURORA, Colo. (FNN NEWS) – Phoebe Prince (2010), Jadin Bell (2013), Rehtaeh Parsons (2013), Katelyn Davis (2016), Gabriel Taye (2016), Brandy Vela (2016) and just recently Ashawnty Davis (2017) all have something in common. They are all victims of a growing concern called “bully-cide”–the decision to commit suicide as a result of bullying. Ashawnty Davis…

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