Tampa Bay Buccaneers Hold Super Bowl LV Opening Night Virtual Media Conference

TE Rob Gronkowski comments on the differences of this year’s Super Bowl media conference.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers held their virtual media conference for Super Bowl LV Opening Night on Monday. It was a very different experience for the coaches, players, and reporters, as this was the first time ever that a Super Bowl media conference was held virtually, rather than in person. As TE Rob Gronkowski commented on this, his sixth trip to the Super Bowl, “We’re in a pandemic right now, just talking to you guys over zoom. Just sitting in a room by myself, it’s not the same. The juices still are flowing, but it’s not the same. The other process of going to a media day is a lot more exciting!” QB Tom Brady noticed another difference early in the conference, “How come I don’t get to see them (the reporters) at all… I only get to see me!”

Lori Locust (Bucs Assistant Defensive Line Coach)

One of the themes of today’s media conference focused on the Bucs’ diverse coaching staff, which includes females Lori Locust (Assistant Defensive Line Coach) and Maral Javadifar (Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach/Physical Therapist). As Head Coach Bruce Arians noted, “If you can teach, you can coach. The ones we have are overly qualified. To hear voices that aren’t the same, you get better output.” The Bucs also have Carly Helfand working as a Scouting Assistant, while Julie Frymyer and Tiffany Morton are both Assistant Athletic Trainers for the Kansas City Chiefs. Also of note this year, Sarah Thomas will become the first woman to officiate a Super Bowl.

Maral Javadifar (Bucs Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach/Physical Therapist)

WR Chris Godwin was asked to summarize in one word what a championship would mean to him. “History. You win the Super Bowl, you’re cemented in history. This moment, this team, the first time a Super Bowl team’s playing in its home stadium. A lot of us would be very proud.” As Tom Brady added, “Hopefully we can finish this season strong and win a Super Bowl.”

WR Chris Godwin

While the players and coaches had plenty of glowing things to say about Tom Brady, we did learn one new piece of news about the 43 year old legendary quarterback, who is aiming for his seventh championship in his first year with this team. According to Coach Todd Bowles (Defensive Coordinator), “Tom Brady is the biggest prankster/jokester on the staff.” Of course, Coach Bowles was also sure to point out that Tom Brady is also “very polite off the field. Great personality and great work ethic.”

Coach Todd Bowles (Defensive Coordinator)

Stay tuned to Florida National News for coverage leading up to the big game on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs, who are expected to fly in to Tampa this weekend.

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