The 100 Most Powerful Businesspeople in Latin America 2016

MIAMI, Fla (FNN NEWS) — Latin Trade presents the 2016 list of Latin America’s 100 Most Powerful Businesspeople who operate in or with the region.

This year, the list includes many new names from across the region who have excelled in their leadership to steer their businesses through the economic headwinds that are hitting Latin America.

Among the new people this year are Álvaro Fernández Garza, the CEO of Mexico’s Grupo Alfa, one of the largest diversified Mexican conglomerates. Fernández is a BRAVO CEO of the Year award winner who also serves as Director of Alpek Campofrio Food Group, Alestra and Cydsa.

Joining Fernández in the ranks of the most powerful is Jane Fraser, the CEO of Citigroup Latin America. Citi operates in 23 countries in the region, which accounts for 15 percent of its parent company’s global net profits. She is also the first woman to head the Latin American division of the firm.

Claudio Muruzabál, President of software giant SAP for Latin America and the Caribbean, is another new addition to the list. Muruzabál has more than 25 years of experience in the IT sector, having served as Vice President of NCR’s Teradata for the region and also leading the successful evolution of NEORIS from the IT branch of CEMEX to being a worldwide consulting company.

The list also contains some of the region’s best-known magnates who have shown their business prowess through good and bad times, such as Carlos Slim, Iris Fontbona, Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo, and Joseph Safra, to name a few. However, each entry has been updated to include any new moves such as mergers or acquisitions each company may have made, as well as personal or other ventures each of the business leaders may have added to their repertoire.

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