The Federation of Republican Women Announce Carolyn Cook as Newly Appointed Orlando Chapter President

ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN NEWS) – The Federation of Republican Women, one of the most respected women-led Republican organizations in the country with outstanding representation in Florida, announced on Monday, July 3 that Carolyn Cook, a highly successful businesswoman, mother and 2016 Orange County, Florida for Trump super-volunteer as their newly appointed President. The larger-than-life personality, with her spicy southern charm, will unapologetically lead with a goal of reinventing the Orlando presence. “Our motto is ‘Women in Action with a Few Good Men.’ With that in mind, I wish to grow the chapter and lead other chapters to be more active in our communities by being involved with our communities to grow chapters,” said Cook. “I feel by raising our presence in Orlando and making a difference, all the while getting our message out to build a stronger America, is what Republican women are all about. I am now and have always been a woman of strong action. I believe in leading by example.”




Photo courtesy of Dena Stebbins DeCamp (pictured with President Donald J. Trump).

Photo courtesy of Dena Stebbins DeCamp (pictured with President Donald J. Trump).

Dena Stebbins DeCamp, President of the Florida Federation of Republican Women, has appointed Carolyn Cook to be President of the Orlando Republican Women’s, Federated. “The Orlando club is the oldest club in the Federation, and I am confident that Carolyn will be a strong leader for this club. Carolyn’s business acumen and drive make her the perfect person to draw in Republican women wanting to participate in politics and local community activities.” DeCamp, a business leader herself and superstar for the Florida Republican Party, was a frequent speaker and part of the introduction program for President Donald J. Trump during his 2016 campaign.



Photo courtesy of Carolyn Cook (pictured with Westgate Resorts CEO David Siegel).

Photo courtesy of Carolyn Cook (pictured with Westgate Resorts CEO David Siegel).

One of Cook’s first professional jobs was with the infamous Westgate Resort organization where she met soon-to-be timeshare mogul David Siegel. Siegel, a billionaire and philanthropist, consistently mentioned as one of the most powerful people in Florida, has great respect for Cook. “She has more energy in one finger than most people have in their whole body.” Having a pat on the back from Mr. Siegel speaks volumes to his respect for her and his belief in her potential success in this role.


Photo courtesy of Carolyn Cook (pictured with Veigle Properties CEO Jim Veigle).

Photo courtesy of Carolyn Cook (pictured with Veigle Properties CEO Jim Veigle).

During the 2016 campaign there was one person that never let the Orange County for Trump campaign down: Jim Veigle, President of Veigle Properties. He too has become a fan of Cook’s past performance and supporter of her in this new role. “Carolyn is the best person for the job. She has a big heart and believes everyone should be treated the same. And it certainly doesn’t hurt [that] she loves the USA and our President.”



Photo courtesy of Burma Posey (pictured).

Photo courtesy of Burma Posey (pictured).

Former Miss Georgia Burma Davis Posey is political activist, singer, speaker, and writer. The Entertaining Southern Style author was adamant in her support of Cook. “I was delighted to learn that Carolyn Cook will be serving as President of the Orlando Chapter of the Republican Women’s Federation. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Carolyn during Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign,” she said. “I came to respect this lovely woman a great deal during those many months and found her to be a tireless worker. Posey added that Cook never missed an event and her attitude was always, “What can I do to help?” “Whenever there was a need, her attitude was ‘Yes! Let’s do it!'”

Anyone who knows Burma knows that, while she’s beautiful inside and out, she’s similar to Cook in her straightforward and direct Southern no-nonsense political persuasion. “I think Republicans need to focus on recruiting and using more women and youth in our political organizations,” Posey noted. “Now over 50% of our registered voters are women. We desperately need to have more women involved in the political system.” She added that Republicans need women who understand their concerns and are willing to “put legs under those concerns” to find and create solutions. “Carolyn is among the group of new and inspiring volunteers who will be the future backbone of our party. She reveals what we will look like in the future. I expect great things from Carolyn and I don’t think we will be disappointed.”



Chadwick Hardee, businessman and Vice Chairman of the Republican Party of Orange County, said, “The Orange County Republican Executive Committee (OCREC) is proud to see Carolyn appointed to President of the Republican Women’s Federation, Orlando Chapter. These ladies are the leaders that make it happen for the Republican party.”

Photo courtesy of Carolyn Cook, pictured with Kat Gates-Skipper, Randy Ross and LeLand McKee.

Photo courtesy of Carolyn Cook, pictured with Kat Gates-Skipper, Randy Ross and LeLand McKee.

LeLand McKee stated, “Carolyn is obviously the best choice for this position. She is smart, hard working and has a great sense of humor, making her easily approachable.” McKee, who serves as special adviser to the Orange County Trump Republican Club continued, “She will serve with distinction and a big congratulations to her.”

Early on in the 2016 campaign, Kat Gates-Skipper, 20-year USMC-USMCR veteran, Gulf War Veteran, Veterans Advocate, 2016 Florida Veterans for Trump Chairwoman and now Polk County Commission-District 2 candidate, was a woman to watch. She too has been highly impressed with the leadership she has observed in Cook. “As a woman, and a leader who helped pave the way for other women in the military in the mid 1970’s, I feel it is important for us [women] to be leaders in key issues that surround the everyday life of people in our community…as well as in our nation. She added, “I couldn’t be more proud of Carolyn and know she will do great work for the organization in Orlando and beyond.”



The Daughters of Liberty (left to right): Michele DeBoer Nunnelley, Susan Cree, Cree Haag

The Daughters of Liberty (left to right): Michele DeBoer Nunnelley, Susan Cree, Cree Haag

When you think of organized and well respected women in Central Florida Republican politics, you can’t ignore a small group of musketeers in West Orange County that have a take-no-prisoners approach to increasing Republican voter registrations, who recently launched their own evening satellite division of West Orange Women’s Republican Federated. “We as women need to use our strengths to provide a strong future for the younger generation. Women can develop strong leadership experiences and teach others around us to have a sense of patriotism and to know and use history to make our nation strong and successful and prosper again,” acknowledged the powerful trio often referred to as “The Daughters of Liberty.” “Carolyn embodies that sense of country and we couldn’t be more proud of her and will help in any way we can in her journey as the President of Orlando Chapter of the Women’s Federated.”


Photo courtesy of Carolyn Cook (pictured, working the phones at the Orange County 4 Trump Downtown Orlando headquarters).

Photo courtesy of Carolyn Cook (pictured, working the phones at the Orange County 4 Trump Downtown Orlando headquarters).

In closing, it’s my turn. In a lifetime you meet very few people that you realize come into your life for a reason…not just a season. I initially observed Ms. Cook at a distance on multiple social media platforms, especially Facebook, in support of our President. I was like, “who is the dynamo?” She was a phone bank volunteer, sign waver, spokeswoman, you name it–whatever was needed. “No” was simply not in her vocabulary during the 2016 election. In fact, when it was time to invite a friend to the inaugural, I invited Carolyn.

Photo courtesy of Carolyn Cook (pictured with Randy Ross).

Photo courtesy of Carolyn Cook (pictured with Randy Ross).

To say I’m proud of Carolyn is an understatement. What many don’t realize is her first priority has and will always be her son. Between work and the campaign, Cook always found time to be mom even at times when I know all the tasks combined were daunting. But God puts us through tests for a reason. Carolyn is one of those people that doesn’t judge people based on race, gender, socioeconomic status or sexual orientation. I don’t need to wish Carolyn luck because I know passion and success are rooted in her DNA. What I will do is offer any and all help I can in making her adventure and experience even more successful. Because in the end, as I often say, we are all in this together.

Congratulations to Carolyn Cook and the Republican Women’s Federation on such a stellar choice in leading the Orlando Chapter into the future. You’ve selected a winner. #MoreWinning


Randy Ross is a political contributor for Florida National News. |


  1. Brett Schulman Reply

    They could not of picked a more talented and experienced women that will lead this organization into the future .

  2. Rebecca Burke Reply

    A better woman for this role does not exist! While contributing to the Trump campaign effort in Orlando, I came to know this vivacious personality. She is just the sort if leader needed to take the organization to the next level if achievement, excitement and growth. Congratulations, Carolyn! Rebecca Ann Burke, President, Aneruca First Federation.

  3. Susan Reply

    Great article Randy. Carolyn is so deserving of this appointment. We are so proud of her. What a privilege to have worked with you, Carolyn and everyone(too many to mention) for the last years. God Bless. Let us continue together!!!
    Susan, Cree and Michele

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