Trump Campaign Launches ‘Second Chance Voices for Trump’ with Kick-Off Event Featuring Eric Trump

SCRANTON, Pa. — Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. today launched its latest coalition, ‘Second Chance Voices for Trump,’ with a kick-off event in Scranton, Pennsylvania headlined by Eric Trump. President Trump has championed criminal justice reform in his first term, a record that stands in stark contrast to that of Joe Biden, who authored the 1994 crime bill that led to mass incarceration.

“Throughout his groundbreaking first term, President Trump has prioritized criminal justice reform and given former prisoners a second chance at life,” said Eric Trump. “From the First Step Act to Opportunity Zones and pro-growth policies, this President is committed to uplifting Americans, no matter their background, to achieve a life of success and prosperity.”

Second Chance Voices for Trump will mobilize all of those impacted by and who are passionate about the President’s historic criminal justice reform. The First Step Act provided thousands of men and women with a Second Chance to pursue their American Dream. By re-electing President Trump, we will continue building on the President’s momentous progress in reducing the recidivism rate, ending mass incarceration, and reuniting families and communities across the country.

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