VIDEO: Noor Salman’s Family Spokeswoman Discusses Judge’s Denial of Motion To Acquit

ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN NEWS) – Noor Salman’s family spokeswoman Susan Clary speaks to the media on a federal judge’s denial of the defense’s motion to dismiss charges against the Salman Friday morning.

A “Rule 29 Motion,” based on Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 29, is typically made twice during a federal trial – first at the close of the Government’s case, and again at the close of the entire case. These motions allow the judge to dismiss the case as a matter of law.

The defense’s attorneys plan to file a motion to have Salman released on bond after an FBI expert testified Thursday that cellphone tower evidence shows Salman never cased Pulse nightclub on June 8, which is reflected in a statement Salman allegedly gave to FBI Special Agent Ricardo Enriquez.


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