Website Essentials Part 1: The Domain Name

Websites are so ubiquitous now, they’ve become as necessary for your business as air for your body — your business won’t survive very long without one. So www in 3Dnow your business is set to go, but you need a website and have no clue where to start, right? No worries. Read on to learn the first in this series of three essential parts you need to build a website.

Essential Website Part #1: The Domain Name

Your domain name is not only important to your brand and business identity, but choosing the right one also plays a key role in search engine optimization. The domain name can be your personal name, as some have done, your company’s name, or, depending on how long your company’s name is, the service you offer as well.

This is especially true for your blog. For example, freelance writer Carol Tice’s blog helps freelance writers earn more money. The domain name?

Haven’t purchased your domain name yet? No problem. Here’s what you need to know: domain name registrars sell these names. Some of the more well-known ones include:
1& (voted best domain name registrar by Lifehacker readers)

Many of these registrars also offer web hosting, a free website, and a bevy of other services. Don’t be dazzled or confused by any of that, though — all you need from them is the domain name and their email services.

You’ll want the other services from other providers to ensure you have a quality site. Besides, domain name registrars don’t make the best web hosts. There are dedicated hosts that provide stellar services, which we’ll delve into next week, so stay tuned.



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