Charlie Crist Joins SEIU to Call Out DeSantis’s Attacks on Florida’s Working Families

TAMPA — Charlie Crist, candidate for governor of Florida, joined the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) of Florida for a press conference to stand up for everyday Floridians and call out DeSantis’s ongoing attacks against Florida’s working families.

At the press conference, Crist called out Governor DeSantis for neglecting to take substantive action as Floridians feel the burden of surging costs of living with skyrocketing housing costs, a worsening property insurance crisis, and unaffordable gas prices.

This press conference follows SEIU Florida, one of the state’s largest unions representing over 80,000 diverse professionals and essential workers statewide, throwing their full weight and support behind Charlie Crist to be the next governor of Florida.

“Florida’s working families are the backbone of our state and workforce — and right now they’re struggling to pay their bills under Governor DeSantis’s Florida,” said Charlie Crist. “Florida has a leader who cares more about the White House than your house, and it has real consequences — skyrocketing housing costs, an ignored property insurance crisis, unaffordable gas prices, and stagnant wages. Florida deserves a governor who cares, and who will actually work to solve the needs of everyday Floridians — I’ll be that governor.”

“As Governor DeSantis stands idly by, Florida’s working families are struggling to pay their bills and provide for their families due to skyrocketing rent hikes, surging housing costs, and rapidly increasing gas prices,” said SEIU Florida Vice President, Roxey Nelson. “With just months left in the 2022 election season, Florida needs to rally behind the candidate who is on the side of working Floridains, and who has the best chance of beating Governor DeSantis — and that fighter is Charlie Crist.”

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