A Dating Site for Professionals That Lets You Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN NEWS) – According to Pew Research Center, one in five adults between 25-35 years old use dating sites, but only five percent of people who are married or in committed relationships met their significant other online. The very mention of dating sites effects horror stories of blind dates gone wrong, a subpar web experience, endless frustration, and wasted time. Business owners and corporate professionals have no time to waste on such sites, but have limited options in dating sites that understand their lifestyle and standards.


A Glaring Need Founder Tanya Baskerville. Photo: Tanya Baskerville. Founder Tanya Baskerville

Tanya Baskerville is one such professional. The Florida A&M University graduate holds an MBA and works in pharmaceutical sales, and as a single woman, saw a need for single professionals like herself to have a hub of their own—a site that could uphold their high standards and would not utilize a “meat market” approach to matching people together.

After speaking with and surveying many of her professional colleagues and gleaning her own standards, Baskerville noted three key frustrations single professionals have with dating sites: The first is deceit—fraudulent profile photos and information. Candidates who post such profiles usually turn out to not be a quality match in person: some are only out for a score, and some are desperate and behave in ways that turn others off. The second frustration is immature presentation: casual selfies, bathroom selfies, and topless photos; and the third is a lack of privacy—many dating site profiles can be searched by the general public, and professionals are wary of their personal information being so easily accessible.


Enter Exclusive Standards

Baskerville sought to address the grievous triumvirate, and founded, a premium dating site specifically for single professionals with high standards. The site is live and currently accepting new memberships–its launch just in time for Valentine’s Day–which includes a free sixty-day trial for the first 100 people who register and are selected for membership, and offers a user experience that closely channels the professionalism of LinkedIn. She noted that is Millionaire Matchmaker, but online—it asks more specific questions, and has a matchmaker algorithm.

The site’s membership profiles include personal information; a profile photo, which Baskerville recommends should be professional; and more uniquely, “a video profile, not just a stagnant photo and some text,” Baskerville explained. “Their personality shines through.” Users can also enjoy video chats, and soon, private members-only events. “Video chats help our members connect in real time more safely,” she said. “Other sites use instant messaging.”

The site’s other unique benefit is privacy—only Exclusive Standards members can research member profiles, and in 2016 will implement pass-or-fail professional verification background checks. “Unlike other sites where anyone can join, members have gone through an extensive screening process to ensure a higher caliber of members and standards,” said Baskerville. “We are very selective with our membership in an effort to provide quality options for your online dating experience.” offers quarterly memberships for $49.99, a subscription model that Baskerville believes incentivizes single professionals to frequently utilize the site and allows them adequate time to comfortably get to know someone new before meeting in person for a date. Furthermore, she believes the price point is more appealing for single professionals. “Many other matchmaking services are much more expensive. No need to spend thousands of dollars. We want you to save that for your wedding.”


Single Professional Men Welcome welcomes single professional men up to the age of 55 as well. Image:

Baskerville realized that finding single professional men to join has been a challenge. “Every single professional woman knows a good professional guy,” she said. “[So] I’m encouraging those women to refer their male friends.” Exclusive Standards welcomes professional men between the ages of twenty-five and sixty-five.


What’s Coming

Exclusive Standards members have a premium experience to look forward to. In the first quarter of 2016, the site will offer its first members event, and Baskerville, who is an avid traveler, plans to offer international trips for members in the future. “You don’t really know someone until you travel with them. This will also provide [members] opportunities to learn.”


Exclusive Standards…One Step Ahead

Baskerville gave her site a direct name so single professionals could know exactly what to expect. “When you get on my site, you get a feel for the caliber of people. Some more established sites still look underdeveloped,” she remarked. “It’s more important to me that it’s about a quality site with quality people.”

With video profiles and video chat putting the site ahead of the game, pass-or-fail professional verification background checks to come in 2016, required professional profile photos, and members-only profile search, professional singles finally have a secure hub for themselves and can breathe freely knowing that the people they share the site with meet their standards. “Never apologize for having high standards,” the website exhorts. “People who really want to be in your life will rise to meet them.”’s social networks include Facebook and LinkedIn (Exclusive Standards), Twitter and Instagram (@ESDates), YouTube and Google+ (Exclusive Standards).

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