Florida Medical Association PAC Endorses Daisy Morales for State Representative

ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN) – As endorsements roll in, the Daisy Morales campaign picked up more momentum Friday, announcing another big endorsement from the Florida Medical Association PAC (FMA PAC), Florida’s leading advocate for electing pro-medicine candidates to office, for State House District 48.

House District 48 leans heavily Democrat, with a 30 percent advantage for Democratic candidates, and boasts a large Hispanic population, particularly the Puerto Rican community.

Democratic State Representative nominee Morales is ready to go to work in Tallahassee to ensure Medicare for all, that every Floridian has access to quality healthcare, and that doctors and frontline workers are well-equipped to fight the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“Doctors and medical professionals need to have the right supplies to protect themselves while they help Floridians recover from COVID-19 and other illnesses,” Morales said in a statement. “They have a heart to serve, just as I do, so I understand how frustrating it can be to want to help to the utmost with hands tied due to limited resources. These heroes should have access to everything they need so they can do what they do best.”

Morales has served for years on the Orange County Disability Board and as an Elder Ambassador with the Orange County Commission on Aging, tirelessly advocating for the senior and special needs communities.

“I’m a connector,” Morales added. “When constituents tell me what they need, I take action to connect them with the right resources, especially healthcare professionals. I’m ready to do the same in Tallahassee.”


About the Florida Medical Association Political Action Committee

The FMA PAC was established in 1974 to elect candidates to state office who will support its mission of making Florida the best state to practice medicine and offers endorsements to members of both parties. The FMA PAC solicits voluntary contributions from healthcare professionals to research, select and support the election of candidates who will legislatively advocate for the medical profession. With the support of healthcare professionals from around the state, the FMA PAC is Florida’s No. 1 medical PAC. For more information on the FMA PAC, click here.


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