ICYMI: Miami Herald: More Democrats voted in Florida’s 2020 primary than in 2016

FLORIDA — The Miami Herald reported Florida Democrats voted in higher numbers than in the 2016 primary. Yesterday, Florida Democratic Party (FDP) executive director Juan Peñalosa released a statement highlighting the work FDP has done for years to boost vote-by-mail (VBM) and early vote and calling for the government to expand VBM programs to modernize our election system, saying: “The Florida Democratic Party is committed to ensuring every voice is heard and every vote counts. As we move toward the general election, we will continue to advocate for safe and secure voting methods such as vote by mail.”
By Alex Daugherty and David Smiley
More Florida Democrats voted this year than in 2016 Presidential Preference Primary:
“But the total number of votes in the Democratic primary between former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders beat 2016 numbers as Florida Democrats voted by mail in record numbers.
“By 10 p.m. Tuesday, 1,711,881 Democratic votes had been cast in the 2020 primary, surpassing the 1,709,183 Democratic votes that were cast in the 2016 primary.”
Record Democratic turnout for vote-by-mail and early vote:
“In early voting, 438,948 registered Democrats cast a ballot in Florida, according to the Florida Department of State, up from 367,382 in 2016. According to vote-by-mail totals released by the state on Tuesday morning, 658,234 Democrats returned a ballot, up from 528,210 in 2016. The 2020 vote-by-mail number will increase as voters hand in their ballots on Election Day.
“Massive mail ballot enrollment campaign” helped boost overall turnout:
“Democrats boosted vote-by-mail turnout by more than 100,000 ballots due in part to a massive mail ballot enrollment campaign pegged to the presidential primary. And early voting was up as well, even as Election Day voters dropped off.
“Florida Democratic Party executive director Juan Peñalosa said in a memo that the vote-by-mail and early vote increases show that ‘Floridians are energized and committed to defeating Donald Trump in 2020.’”

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