Jacqueline “Jackie” Gomez-Tejeda Joins Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith’s Legislative Team

ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN NEWS) – Source: Office of Florida Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith // Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith has hired community leader, Jacqueline “Jackie” Gomez-Tejeda to join his legislative team. Gomez-Tejeda brings over two decades of experience in social work and government relations into her new role as Rep. Smith’s District Executive Secretary (DES).

Gomez-Tejeda holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Master’s in Business Administration. She has extensive experience in public-private partnerships, government agencies, and the nonprofit sector. As an experienced and passionate social service professional, Gomez-Tejeda has dedicated her life to improving living conditions of low income individuals, families, survivors of domestic violence as well as at-risk minorities, consequently bringing great knowledge and heart to the team.

Since joining Rep. Smith’s team shortly before Hurricane Irma hit Florida, Gomez-Tejeda has already served countless families in the aftermath of both Irma and Hurricane Maria. She has navigated constituents through the complexities of disaster relief assistance and has quickly become a key leader in local efforts to collect and transport critical resources to Puerto Rico. She has worked tirelessly to assist families as they relocate to central Florida.

Gomez-Tejeda is a long-time resident of South Florida, and now a resident of Orlando. She was born in Central America, and grew up in Puerto Rico. During her spare time, Jackie serves as a member of the Vamos4PR-Florida steering committee, a coalition of stateside labor, community, religious, cultural and human rights organizations and individuals who organize for a fair economy for all Puerto Ricans.

Rep. Smith offered the following statement on his decision to hire Gomez-Tejeda as District Executive Secretary:

“Since hiring Jackie shortly before two massive storms devastated parts of Florida and the Caribbean, she has quickly become an invaluable resource for constituents in East Orlando. From providing local residents with critical resources and support after Irma, to helping coordinate humanitarian efforts for the people of Puerto Rico, Jackie is already making a huge impact. I’m honored and privileged to have her on our team.”

Jackie Goez-Tejeda offered the following statement:

“I am humbled and excited to join Representative Smith’s dynamic team as District Executive Secretary. I have dedicated my life to serving those in need and advocating for those less privileged. I look forward to putting my decades of experience to work by doing the same for the hardworking families and students of Florida House District 49.”

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