Marco Rubio Ignored Florida Sheriff Who Pleaded For Help Fighting Drug Traffickers

Marco Rubio’s anti-police record goes beyond votes against pay raises and new equipment for Florida police. According to reporting from CNN, when Republican Franklin County Sheriff A.J. Smith sent letters to Florida officials asking for help fighting drug trafficking in his community, Rubio ignored him while others responded.
Read the details from CNN below:
Franklin County Sheriff A.J. Smith, a Republican…flat out refused to endorse Rubio when the request came in because he found the Florida senator wasn’t responsive to his county’s methamphetamine crisis. Smith sent out a call for help to Florida’s congressional delegation and to Tallahassee. Scott responded. So did Gov. Ron DeSantis, who Smith happily endorsed. Rubio never did, he said.
“He won’t even respond to a letter that I wrote, why would I support him?” Smith said. “If you’re not going to support your local communities when they need you, I’m not going to support you.”

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