Newly Elected State Reps Head to the Florida House for Swearing-In Ceremony

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (FNN) – Florida’s newly elected state representatives descended on Tallahassee this weekend to learn how to perform their new jobs and in preparation of their upcoming Oath of Office Ceremony taking place Tuesday, November 17, 2020.

In-person orientation for incoming Florida House freshmen began Monday and will continue Tuesday, covering their office budgets, how to hire staffers and the ethical guidelines lawmakers are expected to follow after being sworn in.


Freshman State Representatives Being Sworn in This Week

District 1: Michelle Salzman (R)
District 4: T. Patterson Maney (R)
District 9: Allison Tant (D)
District 14: Angela Nixon (D)
District 18: Sam Garrison (R)
District 22: Joe Harding (R)
District 27: Webster Barnaby (R)
District 31: Keith Truenow (R)
District 42: Fred Hawkins (R)
District 43: Kristi Arrington (D)
District 48: Daisy Morales (D)
District 55: Kaylee Tuck (R)
District 59: Andrew Learned (D)
District 64: Traci Koster (R)
District 72: Fiona McFarland (R)
District 76: Adam Botama (R)
District 77: Mike Giallombardo (R)
District 78: Jenna Parsons (R)
District 80: Lauren Melo (R)
District 81: Kelly Skidmore (D)
District 82: John Snyder (R)
District 84: Dana Trabulsy (R)
District 88: Omari Hardy (D)
District 96: Christine Hunschofsky (D)
District 101: Marie Woodson (D)
District 104: Robin Bartleman (D)
District 105: David Borrero (R)
District 110: Alex Rizo (R)
District 114: Demi Busatta Cabrera (R)
District 120: Jim Mooney (R)

The House leaders will be sworn in tonight at 6:30pm ET. The freshman state representatives will be sworn in tomorrow at 9am, and Organization Session 2020 will follow.


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