[OPINION] Epstein: Suicide or Murder?

ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN NEWS) – According to the Bureau of Prisons, on the morning of August 10th at 6:30am, Jeffrey Epstein was found in his jail cell unresponsive. He was pronounced dead after being transported to a hospital in New York. No official cause of death has been determined and is pending results of an autopsy by the New York Medical Examiner’s office.

Epstein was being held under no bond on federal sex charges and housed at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan. Epstein, a convicted sex offender, was arrested on July 7th and awaiting trial on new charges.

On July 23rd, Epstein was in his cell unresponsive with bruises on his neck. After being medically checked, he was placed on suicide watch. He was later removed from the suicide precautions on July 29th, although he was being housed in the jail’s Special Housing Unit.

On Friday, August 9th, court documents were unsealed revealing evidence and information that may include others involved in his current federal charges.

Under the protocol of the Bureau of Prisons, anyone on suicide watch must be checked 24 hours a day by jail staff and seen daily by a jail psychologist.

It isn’t clear as to how Epstein was removed from the suicide watch but in the area in which he was housed, inmates are checked or observed every 30 minutes. Epstein would have needed the approval of the chief psychologist and the warden would be notified as well.

Questions remain and FBI and Justice Department investigations are underway. The jail’s warden, Shirley Skipper-Scott, hasn’t given any official response or comments.

So, how does a person who reportedly was placed on suicide watch for an apparent attempt be removed from that watch just six days later?

How was Epstein able to convince jail doctors and officials that he would not be a harm to himself?

It’s reported that some “Cell Check” procedures that the Bureau of Prisons mandate weren’t followed hours before Epstein was found in his cell.

Epstein wasn’t only an inmate that was previously placed on suicide watch, but he was a high profile inmate involved in a case that may involve very high profile persons. Reportedly Epstein previously associated with many such as Prince Andrew of Great Britain, former president Bill Clinton and even current president Donald Trump.

Epstein’s current charges involved his abuse of dozens of underage girls in Florida and New York. He was convicted of sex charges in the 1990’s in Florida but his sentencing in the case was very controversial. The prosecutor in the case, Alexander Acosta, was the Labor Secretary for President Trump but recently resigned due to irregularities that surfaced challenging his deal for Epstein and labeled it as a “Sweetheart” deal.

Epstein was being held under no bond and considered a flight risk. He faced 45 years in prison if found guilty.

One would think because of all the circumstances and former high profile associates, the amount of time Epstein was facing would prompt jail officials to deem Epstein a “Special Watch” inmate and should have housed him where he could easily be observed and not just placed in a one-man cell with 30-minute watch cycles.

Many are speculating that some high profile persons were going to be revealed if Epstein’s case continued to trial. This causes people to wonder if it was actually a suicide by Epstein or a paid assisted suicide? Money and power have been known to make their way into many places, so others speculate that it was an assassination.

At this point, that’s undetermined and we have to believe that no one other than Epstein had anything to do with his death but himself. Facing damaging evidence, new charges and 45 years in prison are not an appealing thought. It could easily damage anyone’s mind.

So, was it suicide or murder? We wait until the officials let us know, but I do believe there is much more than the cause of death that will come out of the Epstein investigations.

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Jim Randle is a law enforcement analyst for Florida National News. |

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