[OPINION] Power, Sex and Equality: Is There Another Side to These Sexual Harassment Allegations?

ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN NEWS) – In recent months there have been a number of accusations of sexual harassment and abuse by high-profile men. The list of names range from actors and directors, news reporters and media moguls, to congressmen and presidents. Victims are coming forward, telling their stories of abuse they suffered at the hands of very powerful men. Sexual misconduct by men towards women they have power over has been around for a long time. Victims have been afraid to speak up for fear of much backlash, but today it seems that fear is taking a backseat. Every victim needs a platform and that platform needs to be welcomed. The exposure is real and many of the accusations are real, even if not yet proven. But what about the other side of all this?

One thing in these reports that has been missing is another reality: power is possessed by both men and women. Sexual appetites are present in men and women and it is proven that much of what men desire and do is equal in their female counterparts. Is there a number of powerful women who have sexually abused or harassed their male staff or subordinates? Are we opening the door or pulling the covers back on something that goes much deeper than just the disgraceful men in society? Will the male interns who worked for powerful female congresswomen or rich powerful female directors start coming forward? Do they hold back and keep silent because of a different backlash from the public, or is it all brewing for exposure?

Wrong is wrong regardless of whether it is believed or revealed. We have never been a country short on surprises. The powerful and sexual desires are equal between men and women. Are we in for more than we realize?


Jim Randle is a contributor for Florida National News. |

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