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[OPINION] Tampering with Our Food is a Crime!

Thanks to social media, it seems a new fad or trend emerges every other month. From dance moves to trying the hottest chili peppers, there is no end. One trend, however, recently came to light that’s not at all cool or fun–it’s actually a crime. Opening food products before purchase, tasting them and placing them…

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[OPINION] Bully-cide: How Do We Shut Down This Escape Route?

AURORA, Colo. (FNN NEWS) – Phoebe Prince (2010), Jadin Bell (2013), Rehtaeh Parsons (2013), Katelyn Davis (2016), Gabriel Taye (2016), Brandy Vela (2016) and just recently Ashawnty Davis (2017) all have something in common. They are all victims of a growing concern called “bully-cide”–the decision to commit suicide as a result of bullying. Ashawnty Davis…

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[OPINION] Power, Sex and Equality: Is There Another Side to These Sexual Harassment Allegations?

ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN NEWS) – In recent months there have been a number of accusations of sexual harassment and abuse by high-profile men. The list of names range from actors and directors, news reporters and media moguls, to congressmen and presidents. Victims are coming forward, telling their stories of abuse they suffered at the hands…

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