Are You Driving People Away From Your Business Website With This Mistake?

When’s the last time you updated your website? If you had to take more than ten seconds to think about it, then you’ll need today’s post. Relevance is one of woman working at her computerthe most important elements of content marketing, especially if you’ve begun to build a following. However, keeping your site relevant is actually pretty painless.


Keep people coming back to your business website by giving them something new.

People frequent websites they know will always provide fresh content. Keeping your website current will keep your following curious, plus it shows that your company’s alive and growing. In the minds of web surfers, silence for too long equals stagnation.

Their attention span is already short, and with the millions of other websites and blogs out there clamoring for their attention, your site’s silence will run them away, and they’ll move on to something more interesting.


By the way, that goes for your business website’s SEO, too.

The major search engines, especially Google, only latch onto and index the most relevant sites. Keep yours up to date, and the search engines will pay attention. If you let your website stagnate, they’ll stop looking for you.


So how often should you update your business website?

The specific frequency is ultimately your call, but weekly updates are a good minimum; two to three times a week is optimal. Daily updates might be too much work for you, unless you hire a blogger or writer to do it for you.

If you wish to risk updating every two weeks, be sure to maintain that schedule, or you’ll run the risk of stagnation. If you choose that option, make it clear on your site so readers know what to expect up front.


If you haven’t established a website update schedule yet, now is the time to do it.

Random updates help, but are not conducive to maintaining a readership or customer base. People prefer structure in consuming their content and in learning more about a business. Besides, having a schedule is more efficient, which is what a savvy entrepreneur like you always strives for, right?


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