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Wearshare’s Innovative 4-Way Marriage Creates the Perfect Accessory



Wearshare logo


Wearshare takes the crowdsourcing concept that Kickstarter pioneered and spun it with the age-old tradition of young girls everywhere: friendship bracelets.

The cool part? Facebook and Instagram are at your command; you get a QR code; and each order includes two bracelets: “one to wear, one to share,” as the company slogan goes.

Wearshare essentially married social media, mobile, relationships, and fashion in one neat, durable accessory. All for less than ten bucks.

Kickstarter only wishes it were this cool.


Mom Knows Best

According to Wearshare’s interview with online lifestyle magazine EYES + EDGE, the idea was born from co-creator Eric Anderson’s mother in 2010: “…My mother turned and asked if it might be possible to make a charm bracelet out of Facebook photos. My first thought was that the photos would be interchangeable, like small charms…”

Wearshare founders

Wearshare founders Eric Anderson (left) and Kavan Bahrami (right)

Anderson and good friend Kavan Bahrami took his mother’s mission and fell in love with it: “…a bracelet with your personal photographs could bring people back together, face-to-face, communicating directly and in person rather than in the digital space of social media.”


Here’s How it Works

Wearshare's Hub Page layout

1. Click “Design” in the top menu or “Start Now” in the middle, and the design Hub page appears. You’ll find the bracelet already waiting for you to rock its world in the upper left corner of the screen. You can choose the bracelet’s color from the round color swatches above it.


The three-columned box below is where your creativity shines. The drop-down menu allows you to source Facebook, Instagram, or even Wearshare’s own high-quality “Public Library” pictures if you want to keep it really simple. The left column lists the photo albums, the center column shows the thumbnails within the chosen album. The image you choose in this center area appears in the preview pane in the right column.


2. Drag the preview image in the right box up to the bracelet and drop it there.


3. Repeat up to six more times.


4. Click “Add to Cart” to complete the order. You’ll get two bracelets: one for you, and one for whomever you wish to give a gift: your bestie, your lover, your child, your relative, or anyone you care deeply about.


5. Be sure you and the intended recipient download the Wearshare App on your smartphones so when the bracelets arrive, you both can scan the QR code, which will load the Hub page. On the Hub page, people can view the photos you used to produce your bracelet and like, share and comment on its design.


What Began as a Memento Became a New (and Potentially Addictive) Way to Communicate

Wearshare bracelet photo collage

Thanks to the bracelets’ unique design, they’re the perfect display of affection for both parties; and since the user picks the pictures, his or her personality shines through the bracelet, much like a bumper sticker or catchy t-shirt. What’s more, it’s an easy conversation starter among strangers.

It’s the Pandora bracelet, but even more affordable, which gives you an excuse to order as many as you want. Many customers already share their bracelet photos on Instagram and on Wearshare’s Facebook Page boasting up to four or five.

If you’re curious about how long they last, it depends on how you treat them. Wearshare states “they’re meant to be worn until they fall off.” The cotton-polyester canvas blend material is U.S.-made and, according to the site, ages like good jeans. In the toughest conditions, the bracelets last about two to four months before the QR code isn’t scannable anymore.

Ready to make one yourself? Go to to get started.


Article reprinted from Downtown Orlando Fashion Week by permission. Wearshare logo courtesy of Photo collage and Hub page shots taken from Wearshare website. Wearshare founders photo taken from Wearshare Facebook page.

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Stocks closed lower on Wall Street and Treasury yields rose Thursday afternoon after more indications from the Federal Reserve that it may need to raise interest rates much higher than many people expect to get inflation under control.

The S&P 500 fell 0.3%, with retailers and banks among the biggest weights on the benchmark index. The Dow Jones Industrial Average slipped less than 0.1%, while the Nasdaq composite closed 0.3% lower.

Decliners outnumbered gainers on the New York Stock Exchange by nearly a 2-to-1 margin. Smaller company stocks fell harder than the rest of the market, pulling the Russell 2000 index 0.8% lower.

Bond yields rose and hovered around multidecade highs. The yield on the two-year Treasury note rose to 4.45% from 4.37% late Wednesday. The yield on the 10-year Treasury, which influences rates on mortgages and other consumer loans, rose to 3.77% from 3.69% late Wednesday.

The Fed has been raising rates aggressively in order to tame inflation by applying the brakes to the economy. Investors have been hoping that more signs of easing inflation could help the central bank shift to less aggressive rate increases.

The central bank, though, has been clear about its intent to keep raising rates, possibly to unexpectedly high levels, to tame inflation. James Bullard, who leads the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, reaffirmed that position in a presentation on Thursday, suggesting the Fed’s short-term rate may have to rise to a level between 5% and 7% in order to quash stubbornly hot inflation. The central bank has already raised its key rate to a range of 3.75% to 4%, up from nearly zero as recently as last March.

“Bullard’s comments this morning suggesting that they need to get the fed fund (rate) between 5% and 7% was a surprise, to say the least, to markets,” said Scott Ladner, chief investment officer at Horizon Investments. “That certainly was a shock to folks and pushed us further down.”

The S&P 500 fell 12.23 points to 3,946.56. The Dow dropped 7.51 points to 33,546.32. The Nasdaq lost 38.70 points to close at 11,144.96. The Russell 2000 index fell 14.04 points to 1,839.12. The major indexes are all headed for weekly losses.

The presentation from Bullard follows reports showing that inflation is starting to ease somewhat, but still remains extremely hot as consumers continue spending amid a very strong jobs market. Strong spending and employment remain a potential bulwark against the economy slipping into a recession. It also means the Fed will likely remain aggressive and raises the risk that it will hit the brakes hard enough on the economy to actually bring on a recession.

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“When you have the (Fed) statement already laying it out and someone like Bullard saying what he said, there is a little bit of jawboning markets back down and letting investors know this fight is not over.”

Outside of concerns about inflation, the market is also worried about Russia’s war in Ukraine and lockdowns in China hurting the global economy.

The conflict in Ukraine has been weighing on the energy sector and any worsening could cause spikes in prices for oil, gas and other commodities that the region produces. U.S. oil prices fell 4.6%.

China’s “zero-COVID” approach has caused a supply crunch for some of Asia’s biggest manufacturers, denting economic growth.

Markets in Asia and Europe fell.

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CFHLA CEO Robert Agrusa Receives Recognition from State Rep. Daisy Morales



Former State Rep. Daisy Morales recognizes CFHLA President and CEO Robert Agrusa at his office. Photo: Daisy Morales (via Facebook).
Former State Rep. Daisy Morales recognizes CFHLA President and CEO Robert Agrusa at his office. Photo: Daisy Morales (via Facebook).

ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN) – State Representative Daisy Morales (D-Orlando) presented Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association President and CEO Robert Agrusa with a certificate at the CFHLA headquarters last week.

Rep. Morales honored his and the CFHLA’s strong relationship and support for her office. The certificate for “Outstanding Support” reads in part: “I hereby recognize you for your support of the Office of State Representative Daisy Morales.”


Former State Rep. Daisy Morales recognizes CFHLA President and CEO Robert Agrusa at his office. Photo: Daisy Morales (via Facebook).

State Rep. Daisy Morales recognizes CFHLA President and CEO Robert Agrusa at his office. Photo: Daisy Morales (via Facebook).


“I’m honored to recognize Mr. Agrusa,” said Representative Morales. “I appreciate Mr. Agrusa’s and the CFHLA’s commitment to our rebounding and ever-growing hospitality industry.”


Photo: Daisy Morales (via Facebook).

Photo: Daisy Morales (via Facebook).


According to research done earlier this year, some 36 million travelers visited Florida in the first quarter of 2022, just six million more than the visitors in 4th quarter of 2021, and the numbers are on a steady upward trajectory. Prior to the pandemic, Florida boasted an average of over 72 million visitors per year.

The CFHLA will host its annual Hospitality Gala, its signature black tie event in which the organization recognizes hospitality industry leaders and supporters, on December 17, 2022 at the Disney Coronado Resort.


Mellissa Thomas is Editor for Florida National News. |

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Hotelier Jan Gautam receives Impact Award from State Representative Daisy Morales



ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN) – Florida State Representative Daisy Morales (D-Orlando) presented Jan Gautam, President and CEO of IHRMC with her office 2022 Impact Award during an annual Diwali celebration on October 28.

Florida National News Photo/J Willie David, III

Mr. Gautam is the President & CEO of Interessant Hotel & Resort Management (IHRMC), a hotel management company that owns, operates, and develops hotel properties globally.   Gautam has achieved recognition in leading organizations and committees in which he has dedicated countless hours to in order to support his commitment to the hospitality industry & is heavily involved in numerous national & local chapters & boards to support tourism and governmental interaction that supported or held consensus to expanding the well-being of hotel owners and business associations.

“I’m honored to recognize business leaders this way,” said Representative Morales. “I’m so proud of Mr. Gautam’s commitment to the hospitality industry and his outstanding community service to Central Florida makes him right choice for this award.”

According to his website, Gautam “has served on committees such as the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) as a Regional Ambassador, Board of Directors with Visit Florida, Board of Directors with Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association, InterContinental Hotels Responsible Business Committee, IHG Procurement Committee, Rollins College International Advisory Board Bylaws Committee, Indian American Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, and numerous local chapters to support Tourism and Governmental interaction that supported or held consensus to expanding the wellbeing of hotel owners and business associations alike.”

Gautam hosted a Diwali celebration in Kissimmee and took time to share the Hindu holiday’s meaning as well as his community’s goal to make it nationally recognized.

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