STUDY: State-by-State Comparison: This is How Long $1 Million Will Stretch In Retirement

LOS ANGELES, (FNN NEWS) – GOBankingRates – Mississippi is the state where your dollar will last the longest amount of time in retirement, while Hawaii is the state where your dollar will last the shortest, a new study found.

It’s a common refrain that retirees should save at least $1 million for retirement, but how much does where they live affect their saving needs? Personal finance website GOBankingRates found the average total annual expenses for people 65 and older (adding up groceries, housing, utilities, transportation and healthcare costs), then determined the state-specific yearly cost by multiplying total expenses by each state’s cost of living index.

For full study results and more details on methodology, visit: How Long $1 Million Will Last in Retirement in Every State

Top 5 States Where Your Dollar Will Last the Longest

1. Mississippi
$1 million will last: 26 years, 4 months

2. Arkansas
   $1 million will last: 25 years, 6 months

3. Oklahoma
   $1 million will last: 25 years, 2 months

4. Michigan
   $1 million will last: 25 years

5. Tennessee
   $1 million will last: 25 years

Top 5 States Where Your Dollar Will Last the Shortest

1. Hawaii
$1 million will last: 11 years, 11 months

2. California
   $1 million will last: 16 years, 5 months

3. Alaska
   $1 million will last: 17 years, 0 months

4. New York
   $1 million will last: 17 years, 1 month

5. Massachusetts
   $1 million will last: 17 years, 4 months

Additional Study Insights

  • Hawaii’s expenses top out at $83,834 annually, while Mississippi’s are a low of $37,964.
  • Alaska’s healthcare costs the most annually, at $8,479.
  • The largest expenditure discrepancy is in housing: Hawaii’s costs a whopping $15,964 more annually than the runner-up, California.

SOURCE | GOBankingRates | August 21, 2017


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