Fashion in Sports: The 10 Most Eye-Popping FIFA World Cup 2014 Jerseys

by Lex Ansley

For the past month, thirty-two of the world’s most talented soccer (or futbol/football) teams took over Brazil in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Each country designed a jersey to represent the best it had to offer. Some jerseys were hits, others misses; but we won’t bore you with the latter. Here’s a look at the ten most magnetic jersey designs.


1. Ecuador

Ecuador 2014 World Cup jersey


The Ecuador team’s jersey, featuring a vibrant yellow base and points of blue and red, was one of the best jerseys in the game. Not only was it an excellent design to view on the field, it was a direct representation of the team’s theme, “we think that we can shine more than the sun.”


2. Germany

Germany 2014 World Cup jersey


This Adidas-sponsored jersey featured a classic black and white v-neck design with a large red gradient accent in the front. The look was clean and simple, making it easy to follow across the field. Germany used a similar look during the 1990 World Cup.


3. Cameroon

Cameroon 2014 World Cup jersey


Cameroon chose to enhance the traditional soccer jersey with an all-over green print featuring graphics of a lion, the shape of the Cameroon country and stars from the Cameroon flag. This amazingly detailed jersey stood out from other team designs because of its graphic influence.


4. Brazil

Neymar Jr. in Brazil's 2014 World Cup jersey


World Cup host country Brazil utilized a traditional look for their jersey. This bright yellow base with green accents represented the country throughout the tournament. The jersey was further embellished with a 5-star logo, representing the number of times the country has participated in the World Cup.


5. Portugal

Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates after scoring his second goal during their friendly soccer match with Cameroon Wednesday, March 5 2014, in Leiria, Portugal. The game is part of both teams' preparation for the World Cup in Brazil. (AP Photo/Armando Franca)

(AP Photo/Armando Franca)


Portugal’s Nike-sponsored look featured a chic red base with gradient stripes darkening in color, an overall bold choice compared to other countries.


6. Argentina

Lionel Messi celebrates a goal during the 2014 FIFA World Cup.


Argentina chose to pay homage to the country’s flag with its jersey, featuring a broad blue and white striped pattern. There was no mistaking the country’s team on the field.


7. Italy

Italy's tailor-fit 2014 World Cup jersey


In true European fashion, the Italian World Cup jersey was designed atop a polo style shirt, featuring the country’s flag. This look is the most chic of the World Cup jerseys and is noted for its understated, tailored look.


8. USA

USA's 2014 World Cup jersey


The USA is known for its captivating sports uniforms, and doesn’t disappoint with its World Cup jersey. It features the traditional red, white, and blue color structure but is further embellished with 13 blue and white stripes on the inside of the collar.


9. Nigeria

Nigeria's 2014 World Cup jersey


The Nigerian jersey, offering a simple base of two shades of green, was said to encourage an air of festivity at the World Cup. The differing shades of green made the jersey unique amongst its counterparts.


10. Mexico

Mexico's Adidas-sponsored 2014 World Cup jersey


The Mexican World Cup jersey featured an amazing graphic lightning bolt, representing the power of the team, layered on a dark green base. This Adidas-sponsored jersey also featured the Mexican badge along the front in addition to the Adidas logo.


Which was your favorite FIFA World Cup uniform? Which country’s your favorite team? Tell us in a comment below.



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