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The 5 Best Orlando Jewelry and Accessory Shops

by Lex Ansley   Orlando, known more for its large shopping centers and outlet stores, has recently come into its own in terms of unique shopping venues. The city offers a mix of both trendy and classic places to shop, many of which have amazing accessory components. Whether you’re looking for a simple gold bracelet…

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What Exactly is Sartorial Summer Style?

by Lex Ansley   When it comes to custom style and clothing, one need look no further than sartorial fashion .The great sartorialists of our time embrace tailored looks that still allow for self-expression. But what is sartorial style? And what does that mean for summer styling?   Sartorial is defined as: of or relating…

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Where Did the Bikini Come From?

by Lex Ansley By today’s standards, the bikini is the most recognizable part of summer swimwear. Oddly enough, the modern bikini has a history spanning just under 70 years. From its designer reveal in the 40’s to the modern styles of today, the bikini has evolved and taken swimwear by storm.   The Modern Bikini’s…

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Bonnie Cashin: Mother of Affordable Style

by Alexis Ansley Today, the average woman looks for three things when she shops for clothing: affordability, functionality, and style. It’s become second nature to shop for clothing with these parameters, and stores like H&M and Forever 21 have flourished by providing all of these in their stores.   Before California-born Bonnie Cashin began designing…

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