VIDEO: Andrew Jeng Releases First Campaign TV Ad in Kissimmee Commission Race

KISSIMMEE, Fla. (FNN NEWS) – Tech entrepreneur Andrew Jeng releases his first campaign TV ad in Kissimmee City Commission, Seat 2 race, Jeng’s campaign said in a news release Saturday.

“After thirty years of pursuing the American Dream, I want to give back to the community that has been so welcoming to me and my family,” Jeng shares in the 31-second video. “As an entrepreneur, I’m running to bring a small business approach to promote efficient economic development and make Kissimmee a safe and affordable place to live and work.”

Jeng aims to use his expertise to make the City of Kissimmee a new technological hub, with common sense solutions like smart metering, affordable high speed internet, renewable energy, and expanded wi-fi, which will bring high-paying middle-class jobs to Kissimmee. In addition, Jeng also plans to increase affordable housing for Kissimmee’s residents.


Willie David and Mellissa Thomas contributed to this report. |

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